Useful programs for Windows 7 PC

By | 09.12.2018

Useful programs for PC Windows 7

Many PC users do not even think, what benefits can bring a variety of programs. Today, there are a huge number of options on how to improve the performance of the system, some of the proposed programs to choose to not harm their operating system.

We offer you to read the related frequently used by experienced users utilities.

PC optimization and data protection

System performance is probably one of the important characteristics. Nobody likes to wait long until the open favorite game or load the program. For this there are special utility that optimizes your computer and protects your information:

Secret Disk

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

This program protects user data from unauthorized tampering. It is recommended to use it on laptops that are most vulnerable to theft or use by other persons, on the office computers and removable storage media, the information of which you are afraid to lose.

Secret Disk enables you to protect hard drive from unauthorized persons, and the presence of two-factor authentication will not allow anyone except you to access your PC.

Tweak 7

Being one of the most successful programs to optimize computer, Tweak 7 , in principle, meet the expectations of users.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

With this utility you can perform many tasks:

  • customize the start menu, desktop, size and design of the Windows, and more at own will and discretion;
  • to access system information, optimize system performance, disk and memory;
  • complete with Tweak 7 you get a lot of extras for cleaning registry, system restore point, files and folders;
  • it will also allow you to monitor the status of the system through snapshots of its settings after a certain period of time.


The name of this tool already have many in the hearing as users Windows 64 bit and 32 bit. And such fame is not undue. After all, being completely free (but there is a paid version) and are constantly improving and updating, the program never ceases to please regular users high-quality work.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

What can de this utility?

  • first, most important function is the registry cleaning. What is it? The registry is the place where stores all the information about the system, settings, programs and OS settings. All programs and the system itself uses the registry many times a second, and the presence of extra information in it naturally slows down your PC. That’s why it’s so important to monitor contaminant your registry, and from time to time to clear it from unnecessary information;
  • secondly, CCleaner can clean your system from temporary files. For each of the installed programs, you can choose your cleanup settings, which will keep the information you need;
  • third, the utility has such a useful feature, as editing the list of programs at startup. It happens that when you install any software on your computer gets uninvited guest and starts to run when the computer boots. To such troubles from happening, you need to constantly check your startup setting, it very well will help CCleaner;
  • fourth, the program will help you to protect sensitive information you delete from your computer. If you don’t want the attackers were able to restore them and to access them, just use the permanently erase data.

Video: 10 programs for Windows

Photo editor

Useful programs for PC Windows 7 also include high-quality photo editors. Does not always make a great photograph, and sometimes you want to handle it at will. One of the best in this category include the following:


Not too well-known of all photo editors, but functional. Being free, Picasa has already established itself as a simple photo editor.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

It has the following characteristics:

  • allows you to not only edit, but to view all of the pictures on the computer thanks to the image search;
  • displays all the images in chronological order that are not met in other suvero;
  • wait a set of commands for editing will allow an inexperienced user to easily understand program;
  • utility does not change the image in the place of accommodation, and only remembers the set of commands for editing, then saving the already modified photos in a separate file.

Not the most perfect photo of all, Picasa has many more useful features than other similar programs. However, for the primary image processing this program is ideal.


Many have heard the name, but not everyone knows what is this program really. Most ordinary PC users have heard about the versatility and complexity of Photoshop, and so I just don’t want to install it, preferring more simple editors.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

Functional features of Photoshop include:

  • the ability to not only surface treatment of the image, but also a complete change photographs using special tools;
  • this program can restore, fix poor or damaged images;
  • Photoshop allows you to change the color of the image, insert text, completely change the style of the photo;
  • another features of this tool include adding or removing shadows, adding sharpness or blur certain parts of photos.

Overall, we can say that Adobe Photoshop is not too complicated program for editing images.

The only thing you need to know the user is the purpose of each tool and how to use them correctly. Despite the fact that the tools of Photoshop is quite extensive, can learn to sing it almost every PC owner.


The browser is a useful program for Windows 7. Only here the variety sometimes confuses inexperienced users, not allowing them to make the right choice. You can highlight some good Internet browsers.

Google Chrome

This browser is probably the most famous of all. Being the brainchild of Google, he was able to quickly win the hearts of users.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

But what makes it so special and unusual?

  • simple and friendly interface for all users;
  • saving personal data and linking them to your Google account. Install the browser first time, it will ask you to create an account or log into an existing one. If you repeatedly use it, your browsing history, bookmarks, and other information will be displayed;
  • the ‘invisible mode’ allows you to view the page without saving your browsing history;
  • in the address bar you can also enter queries to search;
  • after emergency completion of work, Google Chrome can restore your last opened tabs;
  • it is possible to transfer tabs from other browsers;
  • the highest level of security when browsing and to alert the user to unwanted websites.

Minor shortcomings can be called a hang when you open large number of tabs, the inability to group the tabs, as well as hidden in menu, some are useful for users.

Mozilla Firefox

One of the most stable «Oldies» among browsers can be called Mozilla Firefox. Feature that pleases all users, is the presence of many add-ons. They help to personalize the browser of your choice. And Mozilla allows you to simultaneously view multiple tabs without lagging.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

Of the shortcomings can be identified only difficult for a beginner set of commands and the lack of built-in functions provide information. In addition, a large number of add-ons, this browser will «eat» lots of memory.

In General, Mozilla Firefox is a stable and reliable browser that will provide professional users and beginners safe online experience.

Other applications

In other freeware for Windows 7 Nero includes software for capturing, copying, editing discs, convert videos to other formats and for other multimedia. Also has a few useful apps for your OS.

Adobe Reader

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

Adobe Reader one of the best utilities for viewing, editing, and printing documents in PDF format. This is the only program where you can leave comments and annotations to documents and work with multimedia forms.


A telephone connection is not always can help you to contact relatives or friends living abroad. In this situation, you can come to Skype.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

This application provides voice and video calls to subscribers anywhere in the world, chat with them through messages. Paid in this utility is just a function call to a mobile or landline phone.


Of course, now there are many different applications to play media files, but constant updates and extension opportunities simply increases the size of such programmes very much. To avoid this, and there is KMPlayer.

Полезные программы для ПК Windows 7

This player supports a huge number of different file extensions. It does not require big resources, and then not a large amount of RAM. Of course, you can install a bunch of plugins and modifications, but those who long for simplicity, KMPlayer will be the best time.

Of course, you can still call a huge number of useful applications for the computer that have not been mentioned above. But the basic set of required tools can be called this.

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