Use PDA or Communicator as a web camera

By | 10.12.2018

Use PDA or Communicator as a web camera

If you don’t have a webcam, but there is a PDA or a Windows Mobile based Communicator — use them. There is an app that turns your device’s camera into a web camera. Is software Mobiola Web Camera for Windows Mobile. Install it on a PC and on a PDA, on your PC, run the server part on the client PDA and your device can be a webcam. Skype sees it, checked ?

In the downloaded archive will be two files at least (.exe file and .cab file), if you’re lucky — will have a detailed user manual. Two of the file — this is the server part for PC and client for your Windows Mobile device.

How to install a program on the computer: (.exe file) as usual

How to install the program on your PDA or Communicator: (.cab file) Copy the installation file to the device, run it and follow the instructions.

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