Cursor control mouse with keyboard (Windows 7, XP)

By | 08.04.2016

Control your mouse using the keyboard Num Pad

Cursor control mouse with keyboard.  Showed numeric keypad (NumPad).
How to control the mouse cursor with the keyboard (number pad) in Windows 7 and Windows XP , you will learn by reading this article. It will be very helpful for those who have not, or does not work the mouse .

How to enable control the mouse cursor with the keyboard on Windows 7, XP:

To enable this feature at the same time press the button: the Shift + the Alt + the Num the lock and press the Enter . How to control the cursor with the keyboard: — Activating the function button the Num Lock is ; — All figures are in addition to 5 and 0 is the movement directions; — 5 is the default left button mouse; — to change the 5 on the right mouse button click «-» (minus) on the numeric keypad, and now when you press the 5 will operate the right mouse button; — to change back to 5 on the left mouse button press «/» on the numeric keypad; — Just press the right mouse button, you can call a combination of Shift + F10 but it is less convenient option, I suggest to use a variant above; — To double-click click «+» or 2 times quickly press key «5» digital block; — to hold and keep the desired object at the selected left or right mouse button press and hold the «0» on the digital block, this is done to drag and drop objects to the right place; — to release the clamped object push «.» on the digital unit.
This window you will see by pressing Shift + Alt + Num Lock

In principle, ready, press NumLock and manage using the NumPad , but there is a caveat, cursor movement is very slow, but it can be fixed .

To speed up the movement of the mouse cursor in Windows 7, go:

Start > Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Facilitate mouse > Setting the pointer control
View can have with your cursor and keyboard, moving or using the TAB hot keys, arrow keys. The control panel must be small icons to view the desired section:

Control Panel

Setting gauge.
And set both sliders to maximum and put the check near the CTRL — acceleration, SHIFT — slowing down as shown in the figure above.

And of course click Apply or OK . Now when you press CTRL our mouse cursor will fly in the management of the keyboard as fast as we would use this mouse.

How to speed up the mouse pointer in the management of the keyboard on Windows XP?

— Almost as itself, even easier. Again, press the key (together): the Shift + the Alt + the Num the lock ; We see the same window that the function is activated:

Turning cursor control functions from the keyboard.  Windows XP

Select «Options» window appears:


Click «Settings», daw should stand as shown below.

Setting the cursor with the keyboard control

Do yourself doing the same as the picture, the main slider to maximum, and a check mark CTRL — acceleration, SHIFT -. Slowdown

Everything is ready now click «OK» or «Apply» and start to work

PS: for easy and streamlined management, you can use the blind method: Fingers is best to put on a starting position «4» , «5» , «6» , «0» (the index — «4» , medium — «5» , the ring — «6 « large — » 0 « ) and the need to lift a finger up or down)..

Find out what position the mouse can be found in trєe, you will see one of these images (provided that the latter is a check mark in the figure above):
Display function status in the system tray.

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