Upgrade old computer: pros and cons

By | 10.12.2018

You can upgrade your old PC or buy a new computer?

Modern computers and software are improving incredibly quickly. And what yesterday was enough for almost any application, it is now running unreasonably slow. And if so, then everyone there are two ways to solve the problem is to buy a new car or upgrade the old one.

Апгрейд старого компьютера: за и против

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The purchase of a new car is always a guarantee that you will have an effective working tool for the next two or three years, at least. And without any effort on your part. But! A new computer requires a very significant investment. You can certainly choose a loan, but then will have to pay in total even more.

The upgrade did not require a from a lot of money. It can be gradual, varying first one, then another. Moreover, if the slow work is related to the lack of any one characteristic, such as RAM, bringing the machine to the desired parameters generally will cost you very cheap.

However, in order to independently perform an upgrade, you need a much higher skill level. You should know what and where to paste what to improve in the first place. And if you make a mistake, pay for the mistake will have for you. Plus one new item on the in General, the old machine just will not give the win, which is possible with modern technology. And of course, have to Tinker with the selection and replacement of components.

In General we can say that buying a new car is preferable to those who are poorly versed in computer technology, and has enough money to afford it. And upgrade is more likely for those with moderate finances, but knows exactly how and what to improve.

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