Upgrade of Windows Threshold may get the start

By | 10.12.2018

Update Windows Threshold may get the start

Обновление Windows Threshold, возможно, вернет меню «Пуск»

On WinSuperSite has new information about the next version of Windows which is codenamed Threshold (Windows 8.2). According to Paul Carrota, after long observation, the software giant has decided to return to the «start menu» as an option. However, Tarrot notes that this change may only affect the version of the operating system that supports traditional desktop applications.

The publication said about the other notable change in Windows Threshold. In practice we are talking about a function that will allow users to run Metro apps in desktop environment – the opportunity that is available to us today with a third-party utility ModernMix.

Tarrot claims that the new leadership Microsoft has a nostalgic mood and ready to rethink many of the decisions made by Stephen Sinofsky.

Meanwhile, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet has revealed even more information about the plans of Microsoft. According to her, the company is preparing several editions of the next Windows 8.2.

The first edition (or version) will include a limited desktop environment. It will be a version for smartphones, tablets, the so-called «phablets» and other devices.

The second edition of Windows 8.2 will be a more traditional operating system designed to run Metro-apps, and with full support for desktop programs like Photoshop, Google Chrome, and millions of others that we have today. Also, this version will be updated frequently – probably via Windows Store.

The latest edition will be corporate and will include Active Directory, policy management, etc. However this edition will not be updated regularly as the other two mentioned above.

Although today’s news reveals only changes for Windows, is the Threshold wave of updates that will affect not only Windows but also Windows Phone and the operating system on the Xbox One. Debut Windows 8.2 is expected, you will see in the spring of 2015.

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