Upgrade laptop. Some practical considerations

By | 10.12.2018

Upgrade laptop. Some practical considerations

Strictly speaking, each computer must be «correct», that is to be created from a standard (General) components and with the same (ceteris paribus) capabilities, including the ability to upgrade – adding or replacing already installed on something better.

In the theory all so, but these principles apply with much greater force to the classic (desktop) computers than laptops and especially their modern representatives, such as ultrabooks or hybrid system of the new generation.

In General, for desktop PC upgrade possibility is very real, even obligatory. Even the collected system-specific brands (for example, Dell or Acer), providing a selected respective manufacturer strictly specific combination of hardware, often come with empty slots for adding memory and/or additional PCI Express sound card, modem, network adapter or other device.

With laptops, alas, it’s a little different. Laptop comes with a specially designed chassis manufacturer and a very specific set of individual components, few of which can be replaced or updated.

Апгрейд ноутбука. Некоторые практические соображения

For this reason, from the point of view of possible upgrade the laptop, you need to take into account the following considerations:

Design: Many of today’s mobile computers is designed without taking into account the possibility of the opening of the housing. Or at least not outside the service center. Popular hybrids of the new generation, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 go with a closed chassis, which is simply not subject to demolition with the help of improvised means. However, if you manage to successfully open the casing, inside you’ll find only one integrated Board with soldered (i.e., not subject to simple replacement) components.

To open the case of a typical laptop is quite tricky and not for the faint hearted people. The space inside the enclosure is very limited, and each element is small, with a strictly definite place, therefore, in a mobile machine you will meet a surprising number of tiny and closely spaced to each other components. When disassembling laptops is one of many surprises is that the number of inner screws of the hull are attached to each other, exceeds 70-90!

Апгрейд ноутбука. Некоторые практические соображения

Soldered components: the Majority of modern components for desktop computers are designed so that they can be relatively easily and quickly replaced, even by a layperson. Unfortunately, completely not the case with most modern laptops. The MacBook, for example, you will see that all the key components — the CPU and GPU, memory, etc. are soldered directly to the motherboard and replacing them is a real problem.

Guarantee: If you strongly insist to do upgrade your notebook, first ensure that it does not contradict any of the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer. In the process of dismantling the device, pay attention to the inscription inside the case. If you come across a sticker «warranty void when removed», in any case do not violate its integrity. It is better to seek help from the store where you purchased the laptop, or visit an authorized service center.

Options upgrade

Although they are much smaller and much more difficult to implement in laptops, the upgrade is still there. As strange as it sounds, the old models of laptop computers more friendly in this respect because their body is bulky and offer more space for comfortable work.

Overall, the most common upgrade options notebook the following:

Upgrading memory (RAM) memory: If your laptop has a free slot to add memory, you’re in luck – increase the amount of RAM relative simple task. Disassemble the case – information on how to do it most often can be found in the technical support section on the official website of the manufacturer. Then just find a slot and add another bar of memory.

If you all available slots are occupied, you can simply extract one of the already installed chip and install in its place a new, larger capacity. Of course, before that you need to find out what the maximum amount of memory supported by your laptop, as well as to know what exact type of RAM chip you need. It is clear that it needs to be 100% compatible with slots, which are equipped with a laptop.

Апгрейд ноутбука. Некоторые практические соображения

Upgrading disk systems: these most often refers to the replacement of a slower hard drive super fast solid state device. This question we discussed in a previous material. A variation of this upgrade is to replace the optical drive of the laptop (if so provided) to the SSD drive – many models allow this.

Апгрейд ноутбука. Некоторые практические соображения

Upgrading CPU/GPU CPU: a Rare option, but some models allow and support it. The procedure is not simple and before its implementation, ensure that the BIOS / UEFI BIOS laptop motherboard is the most relevant. Otherwise, it may be that she just doesn’t support the CPU that you are trying to install, or the computer just will not work correctly. Think about something else – different CPU and GPU and generate different amounts of heat. Perhaps you want new, just installed the CPU melted the body of the laptop during the game.

A thorough preliminary study = the key to success

Upgrade notebook requires much more reading and studying of the Internet than, say upgrading a desktop PC. So don’t be impatient and spend the study time and attention, so all was well.

Another very important consideration is the specifics of a typical laptop. The argument «today I buy this configuration, and later add more RAM or another hard drive» is not always applicable to laptops, unlike desktops. It is better to choose a model that will not only meet your specific needs, but will also have some headroom, because even years later, you will have a stable and quite an important car.

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