Update Threshold 2 may be issued 2 and 10 November

By | 10.12.2018

Update Threshold 2 may be issued 2 and 10 November

Обновление Threshold 2 может быть выпущено не 2, а 10 ноября

It is no secret that Microsoft is preparing to launch the first major upgrade to Windows 10. In late October, respected journalist Paul Thurrot announced that this will happen in November. Soon, The Verge said that the update will be released in the first week of the month, WinBeta announced a specific date – 2 November. It is possible that the informants of the latter two publications are slightly wrong.

Answering a user’s question about the launch of Cortana in India (already working in the latest insider build), Microsoft engineer said that the above feature will begin its work in the country after the release of the November update, namely on 10 November. If so, then wait a little over a week.

Update Threshold 2 (also known as the Fall Update of Windows 10 or Windows 10 November 2015) will be cumulative and will include all previous updates for Windows 10 that was released after the launch of the initial version of the operating system. As for changes, we will get some UI improvements, new apps for chatting over Skype and new features to the browser Edge, but not promised support for extensions, which were deferred until next year.

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