Update KB3105208 causes a blue screen of death. Microsoft offers a temporary solution

By | 11.12.2018

Update KB3105208 causes a blue screen of death. Microsoft offers workaround

Обновление KB3105208 вызывает синий экран смерти. Microsoft предлагает временное решение

The software giant is suspending the deployment of updates KB3105208 for Windows 10, because it contains the bug that causes the blue screen of death (BSOD) on many computers with secure boot. The problem only affects devices running Windows 10. Users who have already installed this update, the company offers a temporary solution.

According to Microsoft, the work on the correction has already begun. At the same time, the company recommends a simple workaround consisting in disabling secure boot (Secure Boot) firmware system.

Disabling Secure Boot is done in the settings of the UEFI BIOS. To get into it, immediately after switching on press and hold F2 or Del (the exact key depends on the manufacturer and the type of computer device). On most tablets go into the UEFI, you can hold down the volume up, then pressing the power button.

After booting in a UEFI environment, you need to find the section containing the settings for Secure Boot. Again, the exact location depends on your motherboard manufacturer, laptop or tablet. Often it is in the Security tab (Security). On hardware from Acer Secure Boot can be in the Authentication section or the Advanced > System Configuration. On Gigabyte motherboards usually secure boot disabled in the BIOS Features tab. If you have a laptop or tablet from Asus, look in the Boot > Secure Boot > OS Type – here you need to activate the Other OS option. Turning off Secure Boot, don’t forget to save settings by pressing F10 key. The next time your system boots normally.

The company promises that soon will be released a fixed version of the update.

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