Update drivers: relevance and methods available

By | 10.12.2018

Update driver software: methods and features of the program Driver Genius

To start the driver update immediately after reinstalling the OS, or at least once a month, as continuously out of their new version. Many believe that because at the time of reinstalling Windows, installing drivers automatically, and update them immediately is not necessary. In this they are mistaken, as this software initially is already obsolete.

In this paper, we consider the question of how can be performed a driver update and here is an example of implementing this in reality in auto mode using one of the popular tools.

Обновление драйверов: актуальность и доступные способы

How to update drivers

To update the driver on your computer, you can manually or in automatic mode. In the first case, you need to find yourself on the official websites of software manufacturers and download from there the latest drivers, and then also to install them. This is a fairly long and laborious process as to update, for example, the software of the video card, you will need to know the manufacturer and series name. It will have to go to «device Manager», and look for all the necessary details about the equipment. And the sequence of actions you will need to take regarding each available computer device, which, of course, not an easy task, requiring no small expenditure of time and effort.

Given all the above, it becomes quite clear why many PC users prefer the second automatic mode of the driver updates, the implementation of which occurs through the use of special software that automatically scanning equipment and logging on to the official website of the manufacturer, check for driver updates. If the latter there are, from the user’s system will only need to confirm that you want to download them.

Such programs allow you to save both time and effort. And all that is required from the user to choose one of them, initially analyzing which one will be most effective and comfortable for him. And it is now for anybody, perhaps, will not be difficult, since each software product of this type on the Internet is given with detailed explanations.

Search drivers for PC hardware using the program Driver Genius

After the program Driver Genius will be downloaded and installed, it will automatically offer to update the entire database. To accomplish this it is necessary. After the process of downloading updates to the program it is opening and before the eyes of the user opens the main window of the utility. Next, you click on located in the middle of the field the button «Start scan» than start the process of verifying whether installed on a computer software update.

After the hardware scan and find appropriate drivers, the screen will display a list of outdated software that will need to be replaced with a new one. Noting every item in this list with a tick, click Next.

After that there is a procedure for downloading a program automatically the necessary files to all the designated drivers, without the slightest participation of the user, except, of course, clicking «Download all», which will agree, very convenient.

When the download finishes, you can proceed directly to install the drivers. To do this, click the right mouse button on the name of the driver, and in wplywem the list, select the item «Install». Through the same sequence of action installed all other updates, and restart your computer.

The given method is the most convenient and simple, because almost all the processes, especially the search for the necessary file on the Internet automatically, almost without the participation of the PC user.

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