Update BIOS

By | 10.12.2018

BIOS update

Few take the opportunity to update the BIOS. But this now gives almost all manufacturers of PC components. The BIOS update will help your computer to be more compatible with new hardware. What BIOS update is required for the installation of the CPU which was not produced in those days, when it was released your motherboard. After the upgrade the system without problems recognize the CPU and will consistently work. So, let’s learn how to update the BIOS.

BIOS update

Basic Input/Output System is the center of all software. This is the most important element of any computer, without it, the PC just will not work. The BIOS can be considered a mediator between the computer components and the operating system. No BIOS — no communication OSes with the hardware. That is, the BIOS starts first when you turn on the computer. This system at boot time determines almost everything that it installed, initialisere them and all of this information provides the operating system. Placed the BIOS on the motherboard, inside a small chip flash memory. Next is the battery, which allows storing data even during a long absence of power supply or when the shock of electricity.

If you read this article, you will learn the most important information on updating the BIOS. Learn about who need to flash system and it. You will also be able to determine what version of BIOS your motherboard uses. Not forgotten, and problem solving. Alas, they may occur if you reflash the BIOS clumsily.

But it is worth to emphasize. Do not flash the BIOS if your computer running stably. Not that this makes any sense. About the flashing should think those who are going to buy a lot of new equipment for a thorough upgrade of the computer.

Обновление BIOS

Whichever model of motherboard you bought — it will support a limited number of CPUs. Usually in the CPU support list will not include newly released processors. But the list is expanding just by using flashing the BIOS. The new firmware will work with the newer chips. The only prerequisite for installing a new processor after that will be only the compatibility of the motherboard with the CPU. But the older the motherboard, the less of a reason to upgrade the BIOS, please note this. Those who want to achieve reflashing improve performance, we want to upset. This is pretty rare. But such cases are.

You probably know that the new motherboard supports overclocking the processor. So, it does not support the motherboard and BIOS. Therefore, the opportunity may appear on older motherboard after flashing BIOS. And in cases when a new processor is recognized by the system, to update the BIOS does not interfere. It is quite possible that after flashing slightly increase the CPU frequency. But basically after flashing there are many new useful functions, they can significantly expand the number of different settings on your computer (If it has not purchased recently). Before upgrading I need to prepare. We need to know the motherboard ID as well as the number sewn BIOS. You can use a simple free utility CPU-Z, probably familiar to many overlockers.

This program does nothing, it only shows information about virtually all installed components on your computer. When you start the first thing you will see is all the data about the CPU. This is the name and information about the cache memory, and more. Using this program is easy and simple to determine on whether overclocked your CPU. If the frequency is above the factory — so was.

Обновление BIOS

But the processor is determined by the program CPU-Z. video Card, motherboard, all this and more is in multiple tabs. We are interested in the motherboard, you can also find out the manufacturer, model and most importantly — the current version of the BIOS. Try to compare the obtained data with the parameters of your Board on the official website of the manufacturer. If they are identical re — flash you do not need. But if we have a more recent BIOS, you should download the required files. This archive should contain the executable file in the EXE format. Also in the archive must be a file in the format of a ROM or BIN, it contains the BIOS code.

Different motherboard manufacturers dictate different ways of updating the BIOS. The largest developers are required to use their own programs designed to upgrade the system right from the comfort of Windows. But oddly enough, these programs are sometimes very unsafe. Therefore, the «Review it» to use a more reliable method.

The most secure way flashing works by using a floppy disk, flash card or disk from DOS. A floppy disk with the new BIOS can write a very simple. You need to go to Windows Explorer and right-click the rodent on the label of your diskette, and then click «format». In the context menu you activate the option «Create a boot disk MS-DOS», it should specify the path to the newly downloaded BIOS files.

Bootable CD-ROM to create a harder, but not much. This can be done by using almost every free utility for burning discs. We will use CDBurnerXP, you can also for this case to perform the operation. First you will need image initial boot.ima that is easiest to find on the official website of the program. You should open with Ultra ISO. You will see a list of files, there you throw the code files of the new version of the BIOS, and then press the «Save» button. Now run CDBurnerXP and select the recording mode «data Disc», then press OK.

So, now before our eyes the main window of the utility. You need to make the disk bootable. To do this, go to the Disk, then Boot options, now put a check in the «Make disc bootable». Then, specify the path to the previously stored boot image, the emulation type specified in this «Floppy 1.44 MB». Click on the record button and follow the burn disk. Then you can’t even get the disk to restart the computer from the start menu select the desired drive.

The computer booted into DOS? So everything is going right. Before you command prompt, it is necessary to type «dir /w», so you will see all recorded on disk or diskette. The BIOS update can also be run from the command line. If flashing does not start automatically, you should run the command dir and open the file with. BAT extension. Typically, such a file has a name update.bat. Then everything goes very quickly and your intervention is not required. Flashing completed successfully? All, take out the disk and reboot the computer. The deed is done.

The BIOS exists in several varieties. On the motherboard can be set AMI BIOS, in this case, at the command prompt need command «amiflash.exe BIOS.bin». Be careful, the word BIOS in this case you need to replace the file name with the code. After entering the command a window should open with the BIOS flashing process. Remember, at the time of this CPU in any case, you cannot turn off the computer! If you are haunted by bad luck and that at the time of updating the BIOS the electricity goes out in your home — wait for irreparable damage to the system.

But we hope that all of you will be fine. In this case, the process will be automatically restart the computer. Now, extract the floppy diskette or disk, and then download the operating system. If you want to make sure that you have installed the new version of the BIOS, then re-use the program CPU-Z.

Alas, when flashing the BIOS can experience some problems, resulting in a PC will refuse to boot. But don’t think to save him in this case and cannot need to run to the store for a new motherboard. No, you can take it to a service center. If the warranty is not over, and the firmware was taken from the official developer’s website, you are all correct.

Обновление BIOS

But if you tried to install a modified BIOS created by a third party, this warranty will not be. Mind you, in our article we didn’t even mention these theories because it’s all very unreliable. In this case you need to contact some paid firm specializing in such cases.

In some cases, you can fix the problem yourself. Just need a second working computer. It is necessary to create the floppy disk having the BIOS code, and program for updating the firmware. If the BIOS developed by Award or Phoenix, then you need the floppy disk to create a file named autoexec.bat. This is a plain text file, so to create it you can use regular Notepad. The file should consist of one line:

awdflash.exe BIOS_DATA /py /sn

BIOS_DATA again on the model name of the code file including the extension (Remember, it’s usually a ROM or BIN). Keys /py /sn allow the flashing operation without further user intervention, I mean in automatic mode.

If you install on the motherboard AMI BIOS to floppy save only the file containing the BIOS code. It is only necessary to rename the file to amiboot.rom. Now inserts the disk into disatnik and when try to press «Ctrl + Home». Just keep in mind, this solution allows you to fix the problem in one of the five cases, not more. The fact is that often, after damaging the BIOS the drive does not perceive the user command.

If nothing helps, then the situation is quite bad. If someone of your friends has a computer with the same motherboard, the chances are still there. However, the chances that such a friend exists, is almost zero. But if you do suddenly have at hand a computer with the same motherboard, then run it in DOS mode. Now you should be ready with all the data floppy for flashing BIOS. Now, we need direct hands! During operation of the computer with tweezers very carefully remove the BIOS chip from the motherboard and insert there damaged. Caution must be at the highest level, because the computer is working! When you insert the chip — you can start the process of firmware from the floppy. The result is to re-flash the faulty BIOS chips on a fully working motherboard.

After the process is complete, unplug the computer and re-adjust the chip swapped. Now the computer should also to boot. Note that all these transactions are at your own risk, they are even dangerous for health, therefore, performed only in the most extreme case.

Finally, one tip in that case, if you’ve overdone it with the BIOS settings and the computer eventually does not give not that to load the operating system, but even to enter the BIOS. In this case, turn off the computer, remove the power plug from the outlet and open the case. Now hand touch the metal side on the inner side for removing static electricity. Find the battery on the motherboard and remember its position (Plus usually at the top). Remove it, to achieve this we often need to press in the direction of the metal contact. After a minute or two you can install the battery on its original place. After that, the BIOS settings return to the factory values. Next time if you are not sure in altered settings, exit the BIOS with enabled «Load Setup Defaults».

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