uninstall programs in Windows via context menu

By | 11.12.2018

Uninstall programs in Windows via the context menu

Windows operating system includes a utility to uninstall programs from the computer, but users are every time you have to open the dialog box and view the list of installed apps before you delete them. Today we will tell you about a simple solution called Windows Uninstaller that allows you to perform extraction directly from the context menu without having to open the «Uninstall or change programs». With the program, Uninstaller and Windows remove all trash, including registry entries and context menu.

As I said, the advantage of Windows Uninstaller utility before the default is that you do not need to open the «Uninstall or change programs» and search for the desired application in the list. After installing Windows Uninstaller, remove button will be automatically added to the context menu of executable files. For example, if browsing the folders in Program Files you will encounter unnecessary program, it is only necessary to click with the right mouse button on the executable file and choose the Uninstall option program will be immediately deleted.

Удаляем программы в Windows через контекстное меню

The most important thing that a Windows Uninstaller allows you to uninstall apps via the start menu using shortcuts on the desktop. So to view the folders with installed programs completely unnecessary, otherwise it would be simpler to use a standard utility.

Just click with the right mouse button on the program’s shortcut on the desktop and in context menu click Uninstall and the program will be uninstalled. Similarly, a program through the start menu, although there are usually to installed programs supplied Uninstaller, so you can do without using Windows Uninstaller.

Удаляем программы в Windows через контекстное меню

The program works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Windows Uninstaller

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