Unexplained long loading folders in Windows. How to solve the problem?

By | 11.12.2018

Inexplicably long loading folders in Windows. How to solve the problem?

Необъяснимо долгая загрузка папок в Windows. Как решить проблему?

The new version of Windows – new and «interesting» problems that need to be addressed. Jokes aside, any user of the popular operating system from Microsoft knows that she has a habit to show «own opinion» on many issues, the consequences of which are often left in complete bewilderment.

Today we will focus on one such problem, which can be encounter in the course of using Windows inexplicably slow to load some folders. It is likely that this problem was encountered and you – even on fast, modern computers, certain directories may load painfully slowly for no apparent reason. Let’s try to understand what causes the problem and how to solve it.

Why folders are downloaded so slow

As is often the case with Windows, the cause of today’s problems are yesterday’s «innovation». Again, jokes aside – careful analysis of the strange phenomenon of slow loading certain folders brings us to one of the functions of Windows Explorer Dating back to the times of Windows Vista. In particular, this feature allows you to specify the operating system the exact type of files saved in respective folders. Being aware of the type of data that is stored in a folder, the operating system can optimize the display of these files. For example, if the directory with the music and he selected kind of Content, then by default Windows will show the files with their complete names as well as columns with indication of the album, genre, size, and length compositions.

For specific folders in the operating system applies the optimization automatically, even if you didn’t give her clear directions – for example, the system library for Music, Videos, Documents, etc. in Parallel with every version of Windows starting with Vista has a feature called Automatic Folder Type Discovery, which is enabled by default. It scans folders on the computer’s disk, and activates these file optimizations based on the information stored in them.

Необъяснимо долгая загрузка папок в Windows. Как решить проблему?

Unfortunately, the algorithm that uses this function is not perfect, so Windows is not always possible to correctly identify the type of content in the folder. If Automatic Folder Type Discovery mistaken, the result, to put it mildly, annoying – every time you open the appropriate folder, Windows will scan all the files in it and try to display them accordingly.

For example, the operating system decided that a certain directory is stored in a digital image, although this is only partially true, or not true. As a result, every time you open that folder Windows will run quite long and very demanding process of updating thumbnails for each file in it. Even on a modern computer with a fast CPU it can take up to 10-15 seconds, but if the files in the package is a lot – more than one minute. On older machines the delay may be much greater, up to complete unresponsiveness in Windows Explorer.

One of the most frequent «victims» of the functions of the Automatic Folder Type Discovery is system Downloads folder, which on some systems for some odd reason, automatically switches to the «Image». Typically, this folder may contain a variety of files, and for this reason its loading can last forever – no matter how fast you computer is.

Fortunately, there are quick and simple way to prevent Windows from this bad habit and stop annoying scanning once and for all.

How to change the optimization folder

The first step to solving the problem is to accurately determine which folders load slowly. In most cases, the Automatic Folder Type Discovery works fine, so probably these folders will not be much – no more than two or three.

Then click the right mouse button on the corresponding folder and select «Properties».

Необъяснимо долгая загрузка папок в Windows. Как решить проблему?

Open «settings» and a drop-down menu «Optimize this folder». The menu contains 5 options to choose from: «General items», «Documents», «Images», «Music» and «Video».

Необъяснимо долгая загрузка папок в Windows. Как решить проблему?

To get rid of the delay scan select «Shared elements». If the folder has subfolders, then we and the option «Apply this template to all subfolders». Click «Apply» and «OK».

Необъяснимо долгая загрузка папок в Windows. Как решить проблему?

This should solve the problem and save you the trouble of waiting when you open folders.

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