Ultra Search — fast search of files on computer

By | 10.12.2018

Ultra Search — quick search files in the computer

Ultra Search is a program that has become a worthy replacement for the standard file search in Windows.

I have often had the situation when you need to find a file according to a specific mask, and find him there. But while the search box windows will open until you make a choice of what to look for, and then waiting for the results – Ah… During this time I found myself the file. And what is the replacement I found?

On the website of the developers of the program TreeSize Free, I found a little program UltraSearch.

About Ultra Search

The program scans files on local drives and provides the results within just couple of seconds.

The search results have a tabular data representation. In programs also present additional information: file size, date last accessed and date last modified. Also present are well known to all of the standard sorting function by clicking on a specific header in the header of the table.


Ultra Search - быстрый поиск файлов на компьютере

UltraSearch interface

To use the program UltraSearch simple. In the upper left part of the main window is a text input field. That’s where we write your query. There is the possibility of using templates (masks) for the search. For example, for the query «index*» will find files that start with «index».

To prove that the UltraSearch program performs a quick file search on the computer, I did a little test. I alternately conducted the search of different files that reside in the wilds of the windows folder and other folders (i.e., nesting level of the folders I chose more than 5). Search for used full file name without extension. And what are the results? So: on average, the standard windows search was done for 5-60 (!) seconds and UltraSearch showed results after 1.5-2 seconds!!! It’s just incredible! If you don’t believe me, try it yourself! I love it!

More should be said about that program in addition to finding allows you to save results, copy them to clipboard and even print!

Download the program and use, it is really a great tool. To download the program UltraSearch on your computer You can with the developer.

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