Deleting a channel on YouTube: easier

By | 07.04.2016


Youtube Video Hosting needs no introduction. Its know probably everything. Even those who are on it, and does not come, it is still familiar with its name and content, sprawling on other websites and social networks.

Service divides members into several categories. Some people only watch videos that does not even require registration. The second — place the video, your own or someone else’s, and some even making money.

Channel user on Youtube — it simply, his page, an account on the site. Therefore, its removal will lead to the disappearance of all placed under that account videos.

So, to delete a channel on YouTube, you need to go to your profile, find your user name, click on it with the mouse and select «Settings» from the menu.

Selecting this item opens vkladochka «Overview» in which we are interested in a button «Advanced». Here we must be careful, because it looks like a link, not a button, and is located under the address of the mailbox to the right of the avatar.

Link to delete an account

After that, right before your eyes is a button «Delete account», which you should click.

Like any social service, Youtube wish to find out the reason why the user wanted to get rid of your channel. Here it is a private matter, indicate the real cause or select from the list first proposed. Under the field of response to this question is a button labeled «Close your account, which will remove it completely.

Communication with the Google-account

A little more complicated for those who use YouTube via Google-account. The fact that Google has all the services put them in the form of a single line of the menu in the user profile on the site. It is certainly convenient, but will not be able to delete the account only in one service, it will disappear everywhere and have just delete the Google account, and then register a new one. The only option that will get rid of a channel called YouTube, leaving intact the rest of the services — Go to earlier versions of Google+.

How to delete a channel on Youtube via Google-account
To do this:

  1. enter in your profile in Google+;
  2. to click on your user name or address of the mailbox;
  3. click «Account»;
  4. click on the link «Delete profile and remove associated social features.»

Naturally, the changes will take effect immediately, but after some time, which will need to update and synchronize data in the site databases. So do not be surprised that for some time thumbnails of video clips will be visible, despite the fact that the video itself is already available to view.

We recommend that you read about ways to clean cookie different browsers .

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