turn on the ruler in Word 2010

By | 10.12.2018

Turn on the ruler in Word 2010

The ruler in Word is a two lines with a scale of graduations located on the top (horizontal) and left (vertical). Left and right are tabs denoting indentation.

The default text editor does not display this tool. However, it is easy to include if needed.


Looking at the position of the tabs on the scale, you can quickly obtain information about the markup string or a single paragraph. To do this, just set the cursor on the desired line and look at the location tab.

Включаем линейку в Word 2010

Also, with the help of this tool, without having to go to the special tab, you can perform a number of actions for formatting:

  • to set the level of a paragraph in common text.
  • ustanoviti initial position of the first line and all other lines in the paragraph;
  • customize the formatting of individual blocks of text (quotations, epigraphs );
  • align the right edge of the lines of the current paragraph;
  • Ask the starting position of the rows in tables or text columns;
  • to align the paragraph according to the chosen criterion: at the center, on the left or right edge of the symbol.

Video: Line word

The inclusion of the line

If you move the arrow cursor to the area on the page or in the left part of the window scale with tabs will appear, disappeared after the cursor is moved to another location. But in some cases it is easier to scale and tabs were visible constantly. Then you will need to include them, and this can be done in two ways: using the button or the View tab on the ribbon.

Use the button

This is the easiest way. Need:

  1. press the button located above the scroll bar of the document (top right);
  2. clicking on it with the left mouse button makes visible scale with tabs, a second click switches it off.

    Включаем линейку в Word 2010

With the help of tape

There is another option to activate this handy tool formatting. In version WordPro2010 year this is done with help of the tab «View». Opening it, find the line «Line» and put a check in the box to the left of it.

Включаем линейку в Word 2010

Note that you can turn on the ruler in Word 2010 Starter (it is a new, free version of the editor) this method will not work, as on the tape no tab «View». Users Wordstarter will need to use the first method to activate the tool button.

The line included

Tool for formatting became visible, and they can use. Scale default has markings in inches. To perform to set the necessary boundaries for lines and paragraphs by dragging the tabs located on the horizontal scale left and right.

Restart the router

Setting the necessary parameters manually, all the formatting information will be retained and applied to the entire document. So you don’t accidentally re-move the tabs, the tool can again be shut down also with the button or by removing the appropriate checkbox on the View tab.

Include vertical ruler

In some cases, after switching, you may receive only the horizontal scale with the tabs. This means that in the settings was not set to render it. The vertical line was also visible, you must perform the following steps:

  1. select the File tab and in the drop-down list to activate the string «Options»;

    Включаем линейку в Word 2010

  2. in the appeared window select the left tab «Advanced»;
  3. find in the opened tab the «Screen» section and put a check mark to the left of the «Show vertical ruler in print layout view».

    Включаем линейку в Word 2010

It should be noted that after checking, the vertical scale will be visible only in layout view. In the «Web document» and «Draft» in any case, the user will see only horizontal, and in the modes of «Reading» and «Structure» both scales absent.

Thus, we learned:

  • the range is a useful formatting tool;
  • visualize it for a short time, you can hover over the appropriate area of the screen;
  • for its permanent display you can use the corresponding tab or button on the scroll bar;
  • in Word starter method enable the button;
  • to display the vertical scale in layout view, you need to make the settings.

Now we know exactly how fast you can turn this useful tool.

In the article, you can learn how to quickly turn on the ruler in Word 2010, including the free version of Word starter.

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