Troubleshooting memory

By | 10.12.2018

Troubleshoot problems with memory

The first thing to do is to check RAM for defects with the free program Memtest86.

If the memory test found errors, do the following:

— if You have multiple RAM modules, once an error is detected, you should check each bar individually. This is necessary in order to determine which one of the strips of RAM are defective.

— clean the memory contacts with an eraser, then gently scrape with a flat head screwdriver contacts inside the memory slot (this should be done with disconnected power cable and after removing static electricity from the body):

— try to move your memory to another slot.

— if You clocked the memory frequency in the BIOS, it is necessary to recover the BIOS initial settings. How to reset BIOS see the note how to reset the BIOS on the computer.

— if the error appeared after adding more memory, or it is not compatible with Your motherboard or there is a conflict with another memory. Try to put the timings in BIOS to the highest value:

— try to change the power supply.

— try to test the memory on another computer.

Repair RAM:

RAM you can try to heat with a blow dryer. Warm need contacts chips:

If after warming up, the chip memory is also buggy, it is likely the faulty one of the memory chips.

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