Translate web pages to Russian language

By | 10.12.2018

Translation of web pages into Russian language

Walking Internet you can find a lot of useful and interesting information. The curiosity or even the need can make user to find the desired information in foreign portals.

It is here and begin to encounter difficulties with the perception of the found text. The reason for this is the language barrier. In order to cope with this problem, you must use the services of a translator. Fortunately, most web browsers support the function of the translation, it is necessary only to perform suitable settings.

The translation of the site in Yandex Browser

Once the page was loaded, the program automatically detects what language you created the site. If the language is not Russian, it is necessary to pay attention to the Smart string, there should populate the box.

Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

In order to have the browser displayed this page in Russian:

  1. click tab «Translate to Russian»;
  2. if the program incorrectly identified the language you can select by clicking on the tab «Translate from another language»;
  3. to close the panel is to click the cross icon in the right side.

There are times, when you access a foreign page and the proposal for the transfer in the Yandex browser is not displayed, see the instructions for setting up the translator’s pages.

Enable or disable the page translator

The automatic translation of the pages, you can enable or disable at their discretion as a whole or for some selected languages.

For automatic translation should perform the following steps:

  1. you must first go to «Settings»;
  2. next you need to scroll through the settings pages until the end and click «Show advanced settings»;

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

  3. in the «Languages» section, check the box next to the option «Offer to translate pages in a foreign language».

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

If the user previously refused this service and there is a situation when translation is required, you should right mouse button click on the page, move the cursor to the item «Translate to Russian» and click.

Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

The translation of certain phrases and words

The program application allows to execute translation of a particular words from the text into the desired language. To do this, select the word and press the Shift key. The program will automatically detect what language the text was written.

To ensure that the application is able to translate a few phrases, or even sentences, it is necessary to highlight the words and click on the button at the end of the text.

Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

To disable or enable a system of translation words it is recommended to do the following:

  1. to get to software «Settings»;
  2. click «»Show advanced settings»;
  3. in the «Languages» section to put or remove the tick from the option «Offer to translate words and phrases when text is selected».

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

Translate pages Mozilla Firefox

To translate the page to Russian language in the Muff, there are a few additions.


S3.Google translator

This is the most frequently used addition to Mozilla Firefox, which can make more comfortable the visit to Russian-speaking resources. The plugin has the ability to determine a text written in 50 languages. After installing this extension its icon located on the top panel.

To realize the translation of the text follows:

  • click the right mouse button on the website with foreign information;
  • select «Translate page» or type the shortcut Alt+Shift+S.

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

If you want to get translated, only the portion of the page, is:

  • to highlight the phrase;
  • then click the right mouse button;
  • select «Translate selected fragment» button or hold down Alt+Shift+T.

The translated fragment is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

ImTranslator for Firefox

With this extension to translate your site into Russian language became even easier. For what it’s worth:

  • to visit a foreign resource;
  • select the snippet that you want to understandable language;
  • click the right mouse button and choose «ImTranslator».

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

Translated fragment will appear in a separate window, which is very convenient to move around the desktop, so that it does not interfere with work. But using Alt+P, you can see the translated page.

Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

Google toolbar for Firefox

Google Toolbar

This panel of search tools were specially designed by Google for easy work in the web browser Mozilla Firefox. It has become much more comfortable search of necessary information in the Internet.

Features Of Google Toolbar:

  • has a new feature – subscribe to the channel by making it without delay to get the latest information from your favorite resources.
  • key «Search words» — is necessary in order to make it easier to search for a specific word or quote in the text;

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

  • the safe mode – in case of danger, Google will issue a warning;
  • option of displaying your web page PageRank – it shows the score, which put the site on Google.
  • a window with advanced search – when searching at the bottom will display menu prompts or corrected spelling errors;
  • translation function – you just point the cursor on the foreign phrase and the app immediately displays its value in the Russian format.

How to translate on Russian language for Google Chrome

To use the online translator is not always convenient due to the fact that you need to open additional Windows. Therefore, the creators of Google Chrome developed a special application-translator with the help of which you can easily get the text in the desired language. Thus there is no need to use additional software.

Context menu

If the desired information is on the resource with an unknown language, in this case, you can quickly and conveniently translate text in a specific language format through a web browser Google Chrome.

It is necessary to implement a number of actions:

  1. find the right information at the foreign site;
  2. then find in the row for the address entry icon interpreter by clicking on it to choose «Translate», and then displays the Russian text. The site will retain its previous design.

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

In addition, the application is able to automatically determine the language format of the source.

If you need to go back to the original should be:

  1. again click on the sign interpreter;
  2. choose «Show original».

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

And in the tab «Settings» you can select the language which will be translated information.

There are times when the icon interpreter is not displayed or it is off. In such cases the non-Russian site you need to click the right mouse button and choose from the supplied context item «Translate to Russian».

Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

Function setting

In order to perform the desired settings or disable the function of the interpreter must take the following actions:

  • visit the menu of the web browser, its icon located in the top corner right;
  • go to «Settings»;
  • then click the tab «Show advanced settings»;
  • to get to the section «Languages»;
  • to mark or unmark it with the option «Offer to translate pages if the language differs from that used in the browser».

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

The translation on the site translate

This resource is used to transfer text documents, messages, and web sites into different languages.

In this resource, depending on the transferred information, you can choose the right theme. This ensures that the result will be more accurate and structured.

To get a translated phrase or quote must:

  1. go to the web site translate, pasting the address in a string to search for;

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

  2. first is to decide on the theme;
  3. in the text field you want to insert the address of the translated web pages;

    Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

  4. then you should specify the language of the original and result. If the language format of the source is unknown, leave the automatic detection;
  5. next, click «Translate». The result is automatically displayed in a new window.

If you want to translate a segment, then the copied information is pasted into the text box. Then again, you need to click the «Translate» button. The result will appear in the next field.

Перевод страницы в интернете на русский язык

The interpreter does not perform its functions

This problem may occur for the following reasons:

  • a false indication of the web resource;
  • the page was specifically protected from any action;
  • on the website have errors that block the work of the translator;
  • page is too large that exceeds 500kb;
  • information is displayed in a flash file.

On this website you can use the spell checker and also to play an unfamiliar passage and then listen to the correct pronunciation of words.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, translation of text files or web portals in the required language format will not take much time and will not cause unnecessary trouble. To familiarize with foreign sites will be even more comfortable.

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