Toshiba still relies on Windows 7 for their business sales

By | 10.12.2018

Toshiba still relies on Windows 7 for their business sales

Looks like Microsoft was the only company that firmly believes in Windows RT. Over the past few months, many of the partners of the software giant seriously criticized the platform and without hesitation stopped the production of devices with it, mainly due to problems associated with the lack of proper applications. It looks like Windows RT, there’s really no future and Surface 2 will eventually be the only or one of few tablets with Windows RT in the market.

Even worse, some manufacturers don’t want to accept Windows 8, and still rely on the old version of the operating system – Windows 7. In an interview with ZDNet, the head of marketing for the grocery B2B division of Toshiba Cindy Zwerling said that Windows 7 remains the best operating system for business.

Contrary to what some companies have already switched to using Windows 8 in their offices, 99% of business devices Toshiba running Windows 7. Zwerling added that the transition to a new operating system in some companies is not even on the agenda, because most of them just made the transition to Windows 7. Toshiba will continue to produce devices with the new OS, but the emphasis in respect of business segment everything will also be done on Windows 7.

: ZDNet

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