Tool Rufus was updated to version 2.0

By | 10.12.2018

Tool Rufus was updated to version 2.0

Инструмент Rufus обновился до версии 2.0

To create a bootable USB drive in Windows, you can use many free tools. Fits built-in system command prompt, the Windows official USB/DVD Download Tool from Microsoft or from third-party developers. Although most Windows users prefer the official tool from Microsoft, there is nothing better than Rufus, when we are talking about installing Windows from the flash drive.

Unlike most other similar tools, supports Rufus to create bootable USB drive for the MBR scheme partition, but GPT-scheme (for a PC with UEFI).

The developer updates the program several times a year, and was most recently released version 2.0, which received numerous enhancements and a few new features. First, given the on-going phase of intensive public testing Windows 10 in Rufus 2.0 added support for creating bootable drives for installing this version of the operating system from the flash drive.

The user interface has undergone slight changes, i.e., in General, he has not changed in comparison with version 1.x, remaining the same simple to understand and use.

Инструмент Rufus обновился до версии 2.0

The main feature of the new version of Rufus was the possibility of creating Windows To Go drives. This feature that debuted in Windows 8 allows you to install and run the operating system from a USB drive, but the feature is available only in the enterprise edition of Windows 8.x. With Rufus 2.0, you can create such a disk in any version, but only under Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

If your goal is to prepare a bootable USB drive with Rufus this process comes down to a few clicks of the mouse button. You just need to choose USB flash drive, the partition scheme and type of system interface, and then specify the path to the ISO image of Windows and click on the «Start» button to start the process. By the way, Rufus is much faster than the official Windows USB/DVD Download Tool or any other tool for this purpose.

If you want to create a Windows To Go (to install Windows on a USB drive), instead of the default («Standard Windows installation»), select the second option, but before that make sure that the USB drive has a capacity of at least 32GB to avoid any problems during or after installation.

Last but not least, unlike many other so-called free programs, Rufus does not contain any malware or any other «junk».

Rufus 2.0 from the official site

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