Tom Warren, The Verge: Microsoft revealed only 10% of new Windows 10 features

By | 10.12.2018

Tom Warren, The Verge: Microsoft revealed only 10% of new features in Windows 10

The announcement made yesterday by Microsoft, was generally received with enthusiasm. However, according to Tom Warren from The Verge (who was among the lucky few present at the event), Microsoft has revealed only the tip of the iceberg of all the new features that will be in the final version of Windows 10.

Warren claims that yesterday Microsoft revealed only a few innovations, less than 10 percent of the total set of features of Windows 10.

Later in his Twitter, he added that the main news for users, including the integration of Cortana and completely redesigned the Skype app (which is supposed to be a direct part of the operating system), was saved for later.

Along with this, sharing his first impressions, Warren noted that in its current form, the Windows 10 UI is still far from complete; it is halfway between an interface in Windows 8, and the final result, which the company wants to achieve for the final version of its new operating system.

Without a doubt, these revelations increase our expectations of what will offer Windows 10 once it appears on the market. And possible release date at the end of next year may be related to the fact that Microsoft may need more time to bring in the proper form, to create a good impression from the very first moment.

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