to View the Minidump after the fall of the system

By | 10.12.2018

To view the Minidump after the fall of the system

In Windows there is such a thing as a minidump. This is the file that is created after a failure of operation of the system with information that led to this. But in order to view this file you need a special tool.

How to enable Minidump and be able to read it and will be discussed in this article.

1. Enable Minidump

«Start» — «setting» — «control Panel» — «System», go to the Advanced tab, under startup and recovery click «Settings». The bottom must be selected «Small memory dump» and specify the directory where it is stored:

Просмотреть Minidump после падения системы

Now, if one system crashes to Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), then in the directory C:WindowsMinidump this will create a file whose name is the current date.

2. To Decipher Minidump

For this we need to install Debugging Tools for Windows and download the utility directly to decrypt the dump file kdfe.cmd

When installed the Debugging Tools, copy the kdfe.cmd to the root of the C:drive

Run a command prompt «start» -«Run», enter cmd

Now in the black window write the following: C:kdfe.cmd C:WINDOWSMinidumpMini120710-01.dmp where «Mini120710-01.dmp» is the name of your dump file.

The result looks like this:

Просмотреть Minidump после падения системы

In my case, the system failure was caused by Google Chrome browser.

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