to Remove the banner from your desktop

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To remove the banner from your desktop

The Internet is one of the wonders of modern communication. Only about thirty or forty years ago people had a vague idea of what it is, and now it is associated with our work and leisure. When we travel the vast prairies of the world wide web, all browsers provide looks like a good search and it seems that nothing can overshadow the indispensability of the Internet in our lives.

But, as he said Alfred Nobel: «Any significant invention is always something that is clouded».

The Internet offers us access to a vast array of useful information, but if we neglect the security of your computer, it will reward us a couple of virus that destroys the operating system and damaging the components of the PC. Among them may be the banner.

Banner and how it works

Internet surfing is a dangerous idea for those who are naive to believe that anti-virus will save you from all kinds of viruses. Ignoring the complete security of computer, you can pick up such a malicious virus-the extortioner as the banner.

Удалить баннер с рабочего стола

The banner is a Trojan program that is aimed at the lock or full restriction of access to user data PC. If one day, downloading the computer you will see on the screen a window where you are requested to pay a fine for an offence you did not commit, or for any other reason will be asked to transfer the money to restore access, it seems that you are a victim of Trojan activities.

Virus writers are creating a banner always driven by money. The operation principle of the virus-the extortioner is simple: by creating such «mythological gifts» in the form of Trojans, hackers to «play» with the techniques of social engineering, trying to influence a frightened and confused the user psychologically. It all comes down to ensuring that you get the banner listed a specified amount.

The way the appearance of the banner in the computer

Trojans us rewards poorly protected computer. But that’s not the only way of getting a virus on the computer.

Удалить баннер с рабочего стола

If you have anti-virus databases of new and the protection is no obsolete, so the banner was picked up by one of these ways:

  • when you visit and downloading on the website with pirated content;
  • if you accidentally downloaded a file with the extension «e.exe» and this is not a program and not a game (this extension only applies to such information);
  • if tried to reinstall FlashPlayerне through the official website;
  • went to the site, posed the threat which warned you antivirus program.

Anyway, the one recommendation – do not ignore the prohibitions of protection and do not trust anything that is labeled online as «freefordownload».

Ways free remove banner on Windows

Having in your computer of this pesky animal as «Trojan-extortionist», in any case, no need to run to the nearest terminal or to the Bank to pay for his requirements.

Windows offers and absolutely free ways to get rid of the banner:

  • the reinstallation of the operating system;
  • through «Safe use»;
  • edit registry;
  • using antivirus AVZ utility;
  • with the help of special antibanner program;

The way everyone picks the one that he will be comfortable. But 100% result can be guaranteed only by the use of special programs.

Video: How to remove the banner from the Windows desktop

Program to remove banner from desktop, unlock Windows

The easiest and fastest ways remove virus-ransomware from the computer is to use ad Blocker. There are quite a lot, but it is preferable to choose a program according to the installed anti-virus software.

If the lock-up window appeared on your screen, you can use the following utilities:

  • kaspersky windows unlocker;
  • Dr. web curelt;
  • kaspersky virus removal tool;
  • avz.

Удалить баннер с рабочего стола

If you have more than a simple case: the system has just booted, and Trojan have not yet managed to block the access to the data, you can use antibanner program offered by the vendor of your virus protection. To do this, simply go to the official website.

Use Kaspersky Windows Unlocker

Kaspersky lab has developed a special service to fight with the Trojans-winlocker. The program KasperskyWindowsUnlocker can be called a fighter № 1 with banners extortionists money. But the complexity of its use that you need to have pre-uploaded image utility on a disk or flash drive. Alternatively it may be considered the purchase, but this is for followers only only licensed.

When the disc must act as follows:

  • insert the USB flash drive/disk connector/drive, and wait for the loading of the program;
  • after loading antiwinnuker accept the license agreement;
  • press the «Start» button;
  • choose «start Automatically».

And then nothing to do not required, as the program will eliminate and correct yourself. You can only watch.

Remove the free services of antivirus software

A similar method can be applied only in the case if you have not yet surfaced, the corresponding lock window.

The essence of the fix is pretty simple:

  • to visit the official website of the Kaspersky or Dr.Web;
  • to fill out a form to receive the code to activate a blocker;
  • to enter the activation code.

A good alternative to this method is the use of pre-recorded discs for disaster recovery.

System restore

A similar method is used in case if the program neither «Safe» nor normal mode won’t load. Apply program from a LiveCD Dr.Web or Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

We must act like this:

  • download spare PC (or a friend’s computer) to disk or USB flash drive image utility;
  • download from media system;
  • to run a scan and remove the banner.

Such programs are so good that universal for all types and operating system releases. Disc or USB flash drive should «donate» it.

Remove in safe mode

Try to eliminate banner and through loading system. It should be done like this:

  • restart your computer;
  • during boot press F8 and select «Safe mode with command prompt»;
  • if the computer starts, and we’ll see «desktop», then immediately go to «start»;
  • select «Find files and programs», for WidowsXP– «Run»;
  • in the window that appears enter regedit;

Удалить баннер с рабочего стола

If the location of the desktop there was a black command line, then no need to panic, just enter the same first word and press the Enter/

Fixing boot record

A good way of dealing with boot viruses is to edit the record. But you need to have a disc with the recovery console.

If you have access to it, edit as follows:

  • ship system;
  • in BIOS choose boot from CD-ROMa;
  • insert and wait for the start of the installation disk of your operating system;
  • after loading the files into memory PC, a dialog box appears «the Installation»;
  • select «to recover Windowsс console, press R» and push the requested;
  • when you select the operating system you have to press 1 and Enter.
  • in the field the administrator password, enter it (if you have one) or just hit Enter;
  • in the power prompt, type fixmbr;
  • there will be «Warning» and the question «do you Confirm the new entry’s MBR?;
  • type y(i.e., yes);
  • after the message «Is a new boot record…» at the system prompt enter fixboot ;
  • if you have any question «Want to write a new boot sector…» answer y;
  • you will see messages about what the program writes the boot sector and that it is uploaded if you all had right;
  • at the system prompt enter exit;
  • after the reboot, hit Delete, and select boot from disk.

It should be noted that this method is not identical for each of the operating systems it will be different. Such methods are generally quite dangerous and not being confident in their abilities better to just reinstall the OS.

Video: How to remove MBR banner using a bootable USB drive

Reinstall Windows

It is a safe and sure way to get rid of winlocker. All that is need is free time and drive with the recorded image of the OS. Modern reinstall the software brought to a few mouse clicks and no special knowledge is not required. Of course, you can invite a specialist, but if the disk is available, you can cope by yourself. In fact, all you need to do is insert the media and wait for the installation.

A pop-up window will tell you what to do in each situation. This system of getting rid of the Trojan-blocker may apply if drive «C:/» there are no important documents or programs that the owner would like to keep. If not, you can try to recover using a registry.

The best way is to edit the registry

It’s absolutely free and harmless enough for the system way of getting rid of the banner. Editing the registry can be considered the best way to get rid of the Trojan infection, but you need to know how to spend it.

The procedure is the following:

  • having access to the «Start» menu and after entering the command «regedit» to check the registry for the presence of malicious code;
  • use HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftwinntcurrentversionwinlogon;
  • to check the value of «shell» «usernit». Malicious code will give the following combination: «explorer.exe and C or D:Windowssystem32userinit.exe,»;

    Удалить баннер с рабочего стола

  • to edit you need to click on the line, right-click and select «Edit»;
  • then you need to check and remove if there is any suspicious keys; «shell» «usernit»;
  • launches the utility of cleaning system as well as run editing registry with «regedit»;
  • write the «cleanmgr»;
  • select the drive with the operating system and after scanning the installed checkmark in the «backup Files…»;
  • click «OK».

That’s all. But do not forget that you need to get rid of the banner on the PC. For this there are a number of programs.

Banner is a very unpleasant gift for our Internet to him boundless confidence. There are many ways how to eliminate it when it occurs on the computer. For example, reinstalling OS or edit the registry. But the most effective can be considered a well-tuned system of protection, which will save you from unnecessary stop during reinstalling, and edit changes. This is the case when the right protection is the best way of deliverance.

The frightened and gullible Internet users in any case should not rush to charge for any requirement. Remember: this is just created by scammers to extort the program. Payment in the best case will resume work PC for a few days, and at worst the money will go nowhere.

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