to Configure startup Windows

By | 10.12.2018

To configure startup Windows

Over time, when the computer accumulates a large number of programs, slow speed of loading and operation falls. One reason for the slow boot from power on to working condition is a clutter of startup. Because putting another program, the user doesn’t care about having to remove it from startup if it is not needed every day. But in the end the computer spends time in running the application and maintaining it while it sits next to a watch or simply a process. How to remove unnecessary programs from startup?

To configure startup Windows

Go to start — Run, typed msconfig.

The result is a gray box in the middle of the screen, which go to the tab «startup». Here is a full list of programs that are loaded with the system. If you remove the tick and apply changes — after restarting, the selected program will not start the machine, but only if you run it manually. Thus note all the programs that must Not be loaded together with the system and apply the changes.

Please note that you cannot delete what you do not know, because it can be device drivers, system updates, or something else, so if you are not sure, turn off only programs, which have in column «Command» path to «Program Files».

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