to Check ping in Windows

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To check ping in Windows

To test the connection in the network uses a special system command ping, which sends ICMP request to the resource with a specific address on the network and displays the result received in reply of the device.

That is, the ping command helps to identify the period of time required to transfer specific data from one device to another.

The lower the latency, the faster the connection between two nodes.

Проверить пинг в Системе Windows

What is ping

Ping (ping) is the length of time during which a packet sent from one device the network will be delivered to the other devices on the network and come back.

The higher the ping, the more, for example, the waiting time needed to open web pages on the Internet.

There is another concept in relation to Ping the edge from the first. Ping is also the most popular team to determine the speed of access to different network devices. It can be used as the primary means of determining the return period of the packages are in route.

Ping should be used with any Internet host, including to control the quality of the connection with terminal equipment. At the same time ping allows you to quickly establish the presence or absence of problems with the connection on the physical (breakage, cable damage, failure, network card, etc.) and software (e.g., blocking all network traffic) levels.

Проверить пинг в Системе Windows

Pinging is that you from one device sends some data packets to another device in the local network and the Internet. Thanks to this exchange of packets is possible to obtain information on the quality of the connection.

If there is no reply from the check device, means that there are problems with the connection. The packages never came back — called «loss». Than the number of packets lost, the more, the worse. If all the sent packets are lost, it means or absence of a network connection or unavailability ping the device.

Very important speed ping: the smaller, the faster and more reliable communication between nodes.

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Methods of checking

To test the connection using ping, you can either run the ping command from the console operating system or to use specialized online services.

Via the command line

To check ping via cmd, you must do the following steps:

  • to open a command prompt in one of three ways:
  1. in the menu «start» in search type «cmd»;

    Проверить пинг в Системе Windows

  2. consistently go to the menu «start/Default programs/Command prompt;
  3. simultaneously press the keys «Win»+ «R» and then type «cmd» and press enter.
  • in the appearing command prompt, which looks like a black window, you must enter the command «ping» with a space and the ip of your computer and press «Enter». Ip address of the workstation connected to the Internet, see «Internet Access».

    Проверить пинг в Системе Windows


Alternative check ping to servers online using the online services. These online services allow you to check the availability of the information resource and waiting time of users.

Consider the most common ones:

  • This resource uses the app to ping devices deployed worldwide. That is, the user can obtain information about access to a particular server with different devices around the world.

    Проверить пинг в Системе Windows

    The service is quite primitive – the user is required to enter the address of the website, to determine some parameters of the ping to start the ping;

  • – free online service, which you can use to obtain site information, and to ping to test the connection;
  • This service is used to verify or control the host or domain. App by results of check returns the following information:

    Проверить пинг в Системе Windows

How to check ping to the router

With a quick and easy way in Windows to check the ping to the router is to use the Ping command. First, it is necessary to know its ip address. He usually marked on the router back side. Most often, the router has the following ip address

At the command prompt typed the command: ping -t.

If the router ip address is (as is the case with routers D-Link), the command should be: ping –t.

The-t option means that the pings will be sent until until the user interrupt the process by pressing the «Ctrl»+ «C», or closes the console window. A successful ping result is shown in figure:

Проверить пинг в Системе Windows

This result suggests that the ip address is available and come answers to ICMP requests. If the router is pinged, therefore, it is possible to speak about its availability from a workstation. In such a situation, you can connect to the router settings via its web interface.

If the IP address of the router is unavailable and there is no response from the device, the result of ping command the following:

Проверить пинг в Системе Windows

In this situation, you need to check what the ip address is set in the settings of your network card, try to change the port in the router and in extreme cases to reset the router to factory.

Usually the ping comes in the case of increasing the time between operations in a local network or the Internet, or in the absence of a response from the addressee. For example, quite often you want to check ping in relation to the search engines. Often from ping depends on the comfort for online gaming.

Reasonably before the game to check ping to the game server. Of course, the lower the ping, the more comfortable networking.

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