to Change the format of the video file, simple and easy

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To change the format of the video file, simple and easy

*Given the variety of video formats, each user needs to choose such software, which you can use to change the video format. The main reasons for conversion are the following: either a more compact size of a processed file, or it will work with any application, any need to change the resolution or aspect ratio.

Why change

The majority of users there is a need to change the format.

Usually this need is due to the following reasons:

  • viewing on a mobile gadgets;

    Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

  • Internet;
  • compression for a more compact placement on disk.

An overview of the formats and converters

There are a large number of file formats, different encoding method and specifics.

Each video contains many frames that change at a certain speed. But thanks to modern technology, videos can be stored in different formats and play on different devices. Modern methods of data compression reduce the file size to such an extent that he was able to fit on mobile media, or to save on the hard disk of the computer. It is to perform this function and was created videoconverter.Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

Consider the most popular formats of these files:

  • MPEG-1 is a very old format that supports the flow of up to half a megabit per second. Now MPEG-1 is almost not used;
  • MPEG-2 is a modified version of the MPEG-1 used to record video files to DVD-Video and digital TV broadcasting. MPEG-2 provides a decent image. It is important to know that the necessary pre-setting of options that affect the playback quality;
  • MPEG-4 — developed in 1998. Its specificity lies in the compression of the digital file, making it possible to fit some pretty large video files on one CD disk.
  • DiviX-cracked modification of MPEG-4. The advantage DiviX – excellent compression options, but to correctly work with files DiviX is necessary to first install appropriate decoder;
  • Windows Media is the most popular format, characterized by high technical parameters. It is often the quality than the quality of DivX and MPEG-4. To use Windows Media, you need significantly less resources.

Now there are many applications which change video file format. To start the list is the standard built-in Windows Movie Maker, and complete complex applications that support individual elements of the installation.

Very comfortable and one of the most popular programs with the help of which you can change the video format, is Format Factory. Proved to be excellent in solving this task, also Movavi Video Converter and Sony Vegas.

Video: convert movies

Preparing video in the Internet

To embed a video on the Internet (on the page in Facebook or Vkontakte, upload to YouTube, Vimeo or other website) do not need to understand does the site support a certain format or not. Modern programs for transcoding include ready-made profiles for all popular websites. Conversion is also available and flexible settings.

Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

The main criteria for Internet video are:

  1. of acceptable quality;
  2. the size of the video file should be negligible.

These two parameters are inversely correlated, as countries improve the quality of video increases the file size.

To change the video format on the computer in Movavi

Movavi Video Converter — multifunctional video Converter, DVD and audio, including high-definition video. The program uses the ready made presets known formats. Optionally, you can configure the settings yourself. In the presence of a basic set of editing tools to cut, merge, crop, adjust brightness and contrast.

Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

Using NVIDIA CUDA significantly accelerates conversion of video. Converter Movavi provides excellent encoding speed and the ability to work with a huge number of supported formats. The disadvantages include the fact that the app does not allows you to convert protected DVD.

Add the file

Before you convert the video files you need to add them into the program.

Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

This can be done by three options:

  1. drag the desired files from the left side of the program window in the «Finder»;
  2. open menu «File» and select «Add video» button. After opening the dialog «Finder» it should be noted required to convert the file.
  3. double-click on the button «Add video» and select your file.

Select the format

For selection,you must do the following sequence of actions:

  1. to open the profile list, click any place of the field «Profile»;
  2. at the bottom of the profiles list to select the «more presets for formats»;

    Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

  3. this opens a list of alphabetically sorted groups of formats that contain multiple profiles with different codec or resolution. Also each group has a default profile. It should be noted the optimal profile and confirm your choice.

Clear setting WIFI router TP — LINK TL WR741ND. Read more.

The conversion process

Must need to check that in the «save Folder» you define the required folder. To change the folder for saving the processed video click «Browse». To start the conversion process click «Start».

The best program FormatFactory

Format Factory –multifunctional-known application for converting media files.

Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

Program Format Factory has an user-friendly interface. The advantage of the Converter is the ability to repair damaged video files. And the user can edit the image to reduce the file size at the expense of its quality.


  • the conversion of different video formats (AVI, MP4, MPG, SWF, 3GP, FLV);
  • convert various audio formats (WMA, WAV, MP3, MMF, OGG, AMR, M4A);
  • convert images of various formats (GIF, TGA, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, PCX, ICO);
  • support multiple devices;
  • the ability to convert the required segment of video;
  • the ability to convert multiple files simultaneously;
  • restore video files after damage;
  • ripping DVD;
  • support 66 different languages, including Russian;
  • the function of the split files.

Convert video

Convert video in FormatFactory is very easy, fast and requires almost no skill.

The sequence of actions is the following:

  1. after starting the program, select the file category «Video»;

    Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

  2. in the drop-down list of supported formats to select;
  3. in the dialog box, select the output file and also to specify individual formatting parameters, namely, the resolution of the file, the speed of the flow;
  4. confirm the parameters and initial data to start the conversion process.

    Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

Online service

For video conversion it is not necessary to install the necessary software on a personal computer. Completely free and comfortable you can use it to change video format online services.

Consider the most functional and comfortable of them.

  • — currently, one of the most popular converters on the network. The service allows you to convert many video formats, audio, images, documents and even email.

    Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

    To work with files up to 100 MB use the service for free. To convert video you need to select the source file, load it (or a link), to indicate e-mail address to receive the converted option;

  • — Russian-language online service designed to convert huge number of audio and video files. This service provides a short, but understandable, description of the sequence of actions. No need to register and specify the email address as the processed file is issued almost instantly.

    Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

    An additional advantage is the ability to download the original file from the cloud storage. It is possible to edit the result. If you change the video format there is the ability to adjust the quality and size of the resulting video;

  • — another popular service for file conversion. The processed file can be either to the link provided after the conversion, or electronic address specified by the user.

    Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

    The service supports the conversion of video files created in mobile devices. A complete list of supported devices, see «Mobile Devices».

Change the film in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a professional video editor, comfortable with video and audio. Simple users use this app to solve their problems, from the ordinary color correction processing to highly professional. To feel comfortable while working with this program it is necessary only to slightly increase the volume of knowledge to work in Sony Vegas.

Поменять формат видеофайла, просто и легко

To change the video file in the video editor, you should export the video. To do this, run the menu item «Sony Vegas File —> Render As…». In the opened window select a ready preset for the output file. To download video to a contact, select the format MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4) —> Internet HD 720p (1080p). The resolution should be chosen depending on the quality of the source file.

For more detailed settings of the converted video you need to go to the menu item «Customize Template». In the opened window, the program will determine your settings for the video. By defining video settings to start processing the video you have to press «OK» in the window «Render».

In order to change the format of the video file almost do not need special skills and vast experience in this field. The most important thing is to choose a convenient software to convert video.

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