Throwing garbage properly

By | 10.12.2018

Throwing garbage properly

You have never encountered such a situation: yesterday on Your drive «C» was, for example, 60 GB of space, and this morning you were surprised to find that most of these gigabytes are already not 60, but only 58? And this despite the fact that you do not swing and did not set! Attention a question: where, the fuck happened to the 2 GB of space?! And now attention — the right answer. So!

There is a concept — «virtual junk». This rubbish are those files that you delete to the recycle Bin. But there is one thing that beginners do not even know: even after you empty the recycle Bin the files are not deleted from your computer! They are broken into fragments, but these fragments are still in the system. Checking hard disk space, You seem to see that space recovered (after You’ve removed not necessary file). But it’s only for a time. The more files you delete, the more debris remains in the system. And sooner or later this garbage makes itself felt, stealing your disk space. The sad part is that beginners or just don’t pay attention to the loss of space or just don’t know how to restore it. But it does not matter: I will reveal a little secret of the «Golden key» and you will be able to return the space to normal.

Выкидываем мусор правильно

There is such a wonderful program — AusLogics BoostSpeed. It is a universal program that contains many useful features and tools. In this program there is a section «Privacy». In this section there are three functions: the «history Cleanup», «Cleanup disk» and «delete files». Choose the option «disk Cleanup» and click on it. A window will open, where You will read the inscription «AusLogics Disc Wiper». Beneath this inscription is a brief summary of this function (be sure to read to enhance the experience). Then just click «Delete». All the mashing process started. The process takes quite a long time (30 minutes to a half hour). During operation of the program is»eraser» it is best to leave the computer alone. Upon completion of the program go to «My computer» and see how many spots have appeared on the discs. I’m sure you will be satisfied.

In addition to the restoration of disk space, this utility perfectly defragmentare disks and the registry, cleans up, fixes and so on. In General, friends, for several years the use of AusLogics BoostSpeed can I say: the useful and the newbie and experienced users.

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