Three versions of Windows are not included in Microsoft’s plans for the future

By | 10.12.2018

Three versions of Windows are not included in Microsoft’s plans for the future

Currently, Microsoft is working on three operating systems for a variety of devices: Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, and Windows Phone 8. In the foreseeable future, however, the company will reduce the number of platforms.

Speaking at the conference UBS Global Technology Conference last week, Julie Larson-green, responsible for the division of devices and services at Microsoft, hinted that the software maker plans to merge its operating systems. In his statement, Larson-green emphasized that their goal is to create an operating system that is more mobile, energy efficient and safe.

«We have Windows Phone. We have Windows RT and full Windows. We don’t need three operating systems,» said Larson-green. However, these words are not enough to understand exactly what Microsoft wants to do is to combine all three operating systems into one, or only Windows Phone with Windows RT? In any case, the news comes as no surprise, as Microsoft previously talked about merging Windows and app stores (Windows Phone Store and Windows Store).

Also at the UBS Global Technology Conference, Larson-green said that wearable technologies are on the agenda at Microsoft and in the following year, the company will be very active on the hardware front, promising «lots of exciting things». This matches previous rumors that the Redmond company is testing a «smart» watch and a prototype of the glasses like Google Glass.


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