the Xbox One may appear in Russia in April

By | 10.12.2018

Xbox One may appear in Russia in April

Xbox One может появиться в России в апреле

Looks like Microsoft is preparing a new major update for dashboard Xbox One, which can be released in March. According to a new report on The Verge, the company is working on a major update for its new game console, which will solve many problems with Xbox Live and generally improve the operation of the device.

Perhaps the most interesting lighting is a rumor that the company is preparing to release a white version of Xbox One, which is due out in October, and a month later, in November, we can see limited edition of Xbox One with a disk storage space of 1 TB (instead of the current 500 GB).

If you believe another rumor that Microsoft is working on Xbox One without a Blu-Ray drive. Presumably, this will allow the company to reduce the cost of Xbox One to $399 and make a more slim version of the console.

Curiously, the form in which Microsoft will present all these changes, if the rumors prove true? For example, will the gamers to purchase an external Blu-Ray drive for the console? And what type of drive will be used for the version with 1 TB storage – SSD or normal hard drive?

Finally, in April, may, Xbox One launching in 13 new countries, including Russia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Towards the end of the year, in October, the console will launch in Egypt, China, Poland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Portugal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, India, and Indonesia.

: The Verge

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