the Xbox App on Windows 10 got a major update

By | 10.12.2018

The Xbox app on Windows 10 got a major update

Microsoft is developing a Xbox app for Windows 10 as the solution for gamers, which brings the user experience of the console game on PC, and yesterday the company released a new update that enhances this experience.

New update upgrades the application to version 3.3.10007.00000 and adds new features. After the upgrade, users will notice a new button «Achievements», «Alert», «Game DVR» and the «connect to Xbox».

The new version contains the same functions as the SmartGlass app, meaning that users can now control their console from any device running Windows 10. The app also received support for OneGuide and the ability to stream and download videos from the communities, using the Game DVR.

Приложение Xbox для Windows 10 получило существенное обновление

The activity feed now includes comments and the ability to remove content published by the user on his channel. A user profile is now rolled on the screen could show more information.

Friends became smarter and allows you to search by game labels or real names. In addition, you can search by game name to quickly see which of your friends play this particular game.

Приложение Xbox для Windows 10 получило существенное обновление

The app has become more adaptive and properly customize the elements on the screen when you resize the window. Also the new version allows you to view recently played games on all platforms, including Windows 10, Windows Phone, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Returning to the January press conference, which was dedicated to Windows 10, the company promised to add the ability to broadcast games from Xbox One to Windows 10 device, but in the current version of the application, this feature is missing.

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