the Xbox 720 will be called just Xbox (updated)

By | 10.12.2018

Xbox 720 will just be called Xbox (updated)

Xbox 720 будет называться просто Xbox (обновлено)

and website say that the tablet is not running Windows 8 or Windows RT. Instead, it is a standalone portable gaming system that will receive access to games, music and videos from Xbox. Technical specifications are unknown, but mentioned that they are much better than Surface RT. It is reported that the demo version of Unreal Engine 3 operates at a stable 60fps.

As for the Xbox, it is noted that most of the information about the characteristics, which appeared in the Network, is correct. Microsoft is working with AMD on the main CPU and graphics accelerator. The first will be 8-core, and each core will operate at a frequency of 1.9 GHz. The GPU runs at 800 MHz, for example, a demo version of Watch Dogs runs at a frequency of 55-60 fps, with only 5 cores loaded at 100%.

Specifically developed for the console operating system, visually similar to Windows 8 and require 2 cores to work with. OS supports multitasking – gives examples of video conversations during the game and make a screenshot. Button configuration, the game controller is expected to be similar to today’s, however, the controller with a different design.

It is not clear when will be the premiere of these devices during E3 or another event?

UPDATE: it Turns out that information was completely fabricated, so we continue to wait for reliable data on the console.

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