the Windows 10 Insider Preview 16188 and 15210: modifications and fixes

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 Insider Preview 16188 and 15210: fixes and modifications

In addition to the list of key updates build Windows 10, it is necessary to stipulate the additional modifications. The truth is, in the first versions Redstone 3 updates not very pleased customers.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 16188 и 15210: модификации и исправления

Key updates to the Windows 10 Insider Preview

A list of additional modifications:

  • When you click on the list of recent applications, Windows Ink Workspace Explorer continues to work without interruption;
  • New feature of Cortana cancel reminders for all devices.
  • The action centre now works more reliably than in previous versions;
  • Delay typing on Chinese keyboard in some apps no more;
  • When typing with Chinese layout showing similar words working fine;
  • Security center Windows Defender can be run again by double clicking on the notification area;
  • Restored localized applications in versions of Windows 10 (64 bit). The developers believe that this will contribute to the correction of errors if you use functions to Open and Save in some apps (32-bit).


List of problems:

  • Only the English version of Insider is able to reset to default settings;
  • Sometimes the start menu does not open when the first request;
  • Hang at shutdown;
  • When you visit the item “lock Screen” settings may stray;
  • Surface 3 does not support the installation of new assemblies with the active card. But removing the memory card helps to solve this problem;
  • The problem with hanging Outlook 2016 due to improper identification data-file spam-filters;
  • When you visit the item “update Center” can be reset, but this problem is solved by rebooting;
  • «Some updates were cancelled. We’ll keep trying in case new updates become available» — a rare bug which affected a small proportion of insiders.

Windows 10 for smartphones

A list of additional modifications for smartphones:

  • Update the time on the “splash screen” now works properly;
  • Sync the keys and text messages fixed.

The list of problems for smartphones:

  • See “About the system”, instead of 2017 set 2016;
  • The app “WeChat” sometimes does not start.

Judging from the above, the improvement of Windows 10 is rapid strides. And this, of course, can not but rejoice as active users of the system and the developers themselves.

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