the Types, functions, and operation of PBX

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The types, functions, and operation of PBX

No PBX is now quite difficult to imagine the office of a modern company. They are firmly entrenched in business life and have a number of advantages.

The main purpose of such devices – savings in standard telephone conversations, as well as many other extra features. Installing a PBX in the office or home, you can greatly simplify the reception of calls from fixed lines and to redirect them to other devices of the network coverage area.

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What is it and what is needed

PBX is a special computer that collects all the telephone lines of the company. With it significantly saves time and money because it allows you to communicate between multiple internal rooms and not to borrow external resources.

Any office station to cope with two main tasks:

  1. provides communication within the network;
  2. allows to rationalize the use of external telephone lines, which positively affects the entire institution.

    Виды, функции и принцип работы мини АТС

Important! Internal – this is the direction that is connected to specific devices in the workplace. Outer – urban, connected to the PBX.

The station capabilities

PBX – is a multifunctional device that provides multitasking.

Its main features are:

  • the Commission calls;
  • redirection of calls;
  • conversation with several rooms;
  • the possibility of programming, in accordance with the requirements of a home or office.

Important! All the talk by members in the network, do not use for this outside line that allows them to unload.

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  1. call forwarding. The main and most used functions of the device. It allows you to quickly redirect your call. It is only necessary to dial the short corporate number and hang up. The call will be automatically forwarded. The external caller waiting answer, you will hear a nice music. This saves considerable time and eliminates the need to re-dial the number.
  2. call transfer. It’s the second most popular feature that is most often used Secretary. The essence of its action is exactly the same as during the redirection, with one difference – before you associate the caller with the necessary person, the Secretary sends him the data and asks permission to transfer the call. While waiting for a caller hear only the music or sound signal.
  3. conference. This type of connection allows you to connect to the conversation of several people. It is very important for large companies where you may need an emergency meeting, requiring with a presence for several workers. In a single telephone conversation may be collected from many participants, this may be both internal and external phone lines.
  4. reconnect. If the number that you want to reach, always busy, this function will help to automatically get through to him. There is no need again and again to dial it in – the program itself will re-set until, until he will be released and notify;
  5. «Notebook» of the enterprise. It can be made all the necessary phone numbers that are frequently used in the work. After their set, you can use the short number consisting of only three digits;
  6. making a call during a conversation. If the line is busy, but someone is trying to reach you, it will inform special alarm sound. After it is possible to switch to the new call, quick to answer or ask the caller to wait;
  7. call forwarding. The function is designed for those employees who, because of their activities, it is hard to catch in the workplace. For example, couriers. If a colleague is absent, but there is an urgent need to contact him, it is enough to dial the corporate number and if the feature is enabled, the device itself will forward the call to another landline or mobile number;
  8. connection to connection. Employees with higher access can at any time to connect with the conversation of his subordinates. In the handset you will hear a warning signal. This function sets the priority levels that are assigned during the programming station;
  9. «Night» mode. At the end of the day, incoming calls can be redirected, for example, the protection of the mobile phone of the responsible person, Fax or answering machine;
  10. digital PBX can also be connected to the intercom system, allowing you to manage them directly from the camera.

In addition to the above, there are many other equally useful features, among them:

  • alarm clock;

    Виды, функции и принцип работы мини АТС

  • timer;
  • speakerphone;
  • the notification of a subscriber about malfunctioning on-hook.

These stations have a very broad range of system configuration. After installation specialist, taking into account the specific wishes of the owner, can activate certain functions to establish a hierarchy of users and much more.


What kind of networking is better than a regular phone connection? As already mentioned, it saves time and money.

The PBX is:

  • the ability to quickly connect with the desired subscribers without moving from your seat;
  • convenient and efficient use of both internal and external communication resources;
  • significant savings on calls to internal subscribers;
  • the establishment of priority calls within the network;
  • call forwarding;
  • maintain statistics of calls and their history;
  • the big payback of the machine.

Виды, функции и принцип работы мини АТС

The principle of operation

Let’s look at how a mini-PBX. In order to use it, it is enough to have on your computer a special software, and any suitable headset for conversations. The interface of such programs is very easy to use and will not cause problems even for the person who owns a personal computer at the level of the average user.

Виды, функции и принцип работы мини АТС

The formula was very simple: in accordance with the program settings, it takes urban and internal calls and distributes them to subscribers. Most often the caller initially enters to the Secretary, who then redirects the call to the proper Department or specific officer. When calling inside the network after dialing the number directly connects with the other party.

Important! If you need to connect to a network Fax, you should consider that he is connected to any internal circuit. This allows you to use it in manual mode and switch to it automatically.

Station for the house and office

Special popularity of the station for home. Their work is governed by the same principles that the office counterparts. Of course, many people are interested in the price of PBX.

It largely depends on such factors:

  • the station type (analog, digital, hybrid);
  • of the manufacturer;
  • the number of external lines (usually 3 to 96);
  • number of internal (from 8 to 96).

Виды, функции и принцип работы мини АТС

Given these factors, the average price range of this plant ranges from 14 to 200 thousand rubles. Choosing a PBX for the office, prices and types of stations should be examined carefully, because each of them is aimed to service the enterprises of different scale and may be different a number of additional functions. To understand this will help the next point of the article.

What are the different types of PBX

PBX is classified by two main signs:

  • the type of connection;
  • size, i.e. the number of telephones that can be connected to the network.

The type of connection they are divided into:

  • analog;
  • digital;
  • hybrid.

Виды, функции и принцип работы мини АТС

Analog has a high functionality and reliability. Are characterized by their low cost and high speed of installation. This PBX is able to serve maximum 8 external and 24 internal lines. Most often this type is used in homes, small cottages and shops.

The digital PBX converts the incoming signal into a digital code, which is then transmitted to the subscriber and is identified by his device.

This type of signal transmission allows to reduce extraneous noise and increase call quality. It is distinguished by its modernity and, consequently, higher cost. Such wireless station looks great in any office.

Виды, функции и принцип работы мини АТС

A private type is a hybrid. It analog signal can not be converted. In this case it is controlled by the same software that the digital that allows you to connect analog phones.

In General, each of the models serves a purpose – fast and good communication, but when you select should pay attention to the following points:

  • the size of the enterprise, where is established the device;
  • the right amount of internal and external communications, which will be able to serve all employees;
  • additional functions provided by one or another model.

This will allow you to choose the device that best suits your home or office.

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