the Transition to Windows 10: what will work and what is not?

By | 10.12.2018

The transition to Windows 10: what will work and what is not?

If you are considering upgrading to Windows 10, then it is likely that you are concerned about the question of whether to run all your favorite applications under the new operating system.

This is a topic that always gets on the agenda when Microsoft is preparing to release a new version of the operating system, and given the popularity of Windows, the question of program compatibility with the new platform has plagued millions of users around the world.

Like most things associated with the transition to Windows 10, this question has two possible answers: short and exhaustive. Short: «Yes, your program definitely will work, if they work in 7 or 8». However, the second answer contains some additional clarification.

Not all application is the same

One of the most significant changes that Microsoft made with Windows 10 is to transition to a new model programmes – the so-called universal app, which should already be familiar to you if you are a user of 8s.

Переход к Windows 10: что будет работать, а что нет?

The concept on which to build this type of application is to provide a unified user experience, whether on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Based on this concept, Windows 10 will offer a variety of such applications, which will be distributed exclusively through the official Store. Of course, the new operating system supports the programs of the traditional type. By the way, some of the desktop programs (like Microsoft Office) will be available in two variations, traditional and universal.

Переход к Windows 10: что будет работать, а что нет?

The company obviously has already learned the bitter lesson from Windows 8 and instead to impose on the users of its adopted model of development, Microsoft will offer them a choice. Conservative users who prefer to control the computer with your keyboard and mouse will be able to use the programs exactly as they have done so far in Windows 7 or earlier versions.

Users who are seriously tied to the hardware and software ecosystem, Microsoft will have the convenience of a universal app. Thanks to them, they will get the same user interface on different devices and will be able to quickly and easily transfer your work from one device to another, unless, of course, they are all based on Windows 10.

In short, in this respect, the new operating system will offer something for everyone.

Compatibility issues

This, of course, the most painful part of the transition to the new version. Fortunately, Microsoft ensures that every program that works correctly under Windows 7, will feel just as well in Windows 10.

The operating system will again include a compatibility mode, forcing older programs to think that they actually work in previous versions (e.g. XP). In most cases, Windows 10 will detect such apps myself and activate any compatibility mode, but will be available and the option for manual control.

Переход к Windows 10: что будет работать, а что нет?

Any program or hardware component that requires the older version driver (say, from the era of Windows XP) probably won’t work correctly under Windows 10. Of course, if the manufacturer about to release a new version, for example Windows 7, problems can be avoided. But if official support stopped somewhere at the level of Windows XP will almost certainly have to look for an alternative that will replace the corresponding program or component.

If you use an archaic 16-bit programs, the chances that they will properly operate under «ten», not great. If such programs are important for you, and you want to upgrade to Windows 10, then you need to bet on 32-bit operating system – 64-bit version of these applications definitely will not work.

However, if you are not absolutely sure of compatibility with Windows 10 all your apps and hardware, you can always check this by using the so-called upgrade Advisor (Upgrade Advisor), which Microsoft offers in the framework of the Get Windows 10.

And remember – the transition to a new operating system is not required. And even if you want to upgrade to Windows 10, you don’t have to do this in the same second when it’s released. If you are sure that all your tools will work correctly, just wait and see the opinions of other people using a similar combination of hardware components and software. You will then be able to understand how justified the transition to a new OS – time to solve, will abound, as the free upgrade will be valid until July 29, 2016

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