the Touch version of Office for Windows 8 may be running a later version for iPad

By | 10.12.2018

Touch version of Office for Windows 8 can be run later versions of iPad

Сенсорная версия Office для Windows 8 может быть запущена позднее версии для iPad

The Windows store is growing day by day, but still no touch versions of office apps from Microsoft. What’s even more interesting is that iPad users can get these apps before Windows 8/RT.

Releasing a touch version of office Suite for iPad, Microsoft can earn a lot of money, but we all know about the rivalry between Apple and the company from Redmond. However, according to new reports and rumors, this time coming closer and closer, and even know the code name for Microsoft Office for iPad Miramar. Curious is the fact that experts such as Mary Jo Foley and others say that the iPad app may be released earlier versions for Windows 8.

Not long ago, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s marketing Tami Reller said that Microsoft is thinking about launching new products, including competing platforms. And now that Steve Ballmer is no longer at the helm of the company, it is possible that soon we really will see Office for iPad. The new CEO, Satya Nadella, as you know, is an expert in the field of cloud technologies, so it is possible that he will approve this step.

Touch version of Office for Windows 8 allegedly is codenamed Gemini and it is under development since last year, but she’s still not ready to launch. The team Office is reportedly working on an iPad version for a longer period of time, and development is already close to completion. In General, it is likely that we will see the app prior to the launch of the sixth generation iPad.

: The Verge

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