the Risks of using Windows XP

By | 10.12.2018

The risks of using Windows XP

If the first group almost never put updates and security issues she cared about very conditional, the behavior of the members of the second group is unclear. After that using Windows XP will be discontinued, Microsoft stated long ago.

The risks of using Windows XP

As of today, Windows XP is behind by three generations of the more modern versions of the Microsoft operating system. With this in mind, users put themselves at risk by using outdated product. It is worth remembering that during this time significantly changed external environment, especially increased significantly the number of users and increased the number of threats. And if you add a social network! Also, you should take into account the changed nature of the attacks. Today, they are aimed primarily at making a profit. According to estimates Verizon to 55% of attacks emanate from criminal organizations. While 75% of attacks linked to financial motives.

Recently filed by Facebook, the number of attacks on Windows XP has increased in 6 times. Why? Since operating system support is discontinued by the manufacturer, it is not expected a new update, hence the loopholes that can be found, will not close, and that means that Windows XP will become more vulnerable to new attacks. You know, that 99.98% of all programs use vulnerabilities can be cleaned with the help of software updates. And Windows XP updates are no more. Nevertheless, many continue to use it.

In addition, many believe that the use of anti-virus save Windows XP. However, it is not so. The average lifetime of the virus for 8 hours. So antiviruses are only good against known viruses and malicious code in websites and documents. This means that the antivirus is unlikely to save you from vulnerabilities in the very Windows XP and MS Office 2003. Moreover, a study by NSS Labs shows that only 3% of combinations of firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems to block the most common threats. However, home users may think that they are in no danger, as they are uninteresting to attackers. Is it really so? Alas, no.

Home computers can also be targeted, and here’s why:

  • it’s zombies for botnets, DDoS, and spamming;
  • in connection with the availability of financial and personal data;
  • fraud with Bank cards;
  • home computers are protected, as a rule, much weaker than the corporate.

And the conclusion is simple. You need to upgrade to the new operating system. It will not protect you from all attacks, but will reduce the probability of infection.

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