the Right to install themes on Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

Proper installation of the theme on Windows 7

Probably every computer user wants to make it something special. Currently, there are an impressive possibility to modify the interface not only desktop, but also the entire system. An inexperienced person will make it difficult, but possessing the right information, it is possible to achieve success.

Microsoft actively warns you that using pirated software can lead to failures in the system. In this judgment there is not a drop of lies. However, some want to create an individual style of its interface. The reason for this is the fact that official products are rather monotonous.

What it is

The theme is a set of images, colors and sounds on your computer. It usually includes a screensaver, desktop Wallpaper, and sound effects (on/off, data signals, etc.). Also you can change the folder icons and the cursor.

Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

You can set the theme to Windows 7 computer from the developer. So, is the Aero extension that allows a separate setting. They are built into the operating system. If not enough, you can download additional versions on the official Microsoft website.

There is also the option of installing non-certified products. On the Internet you can find them countless. They are able to emphasize the individuality of each user. However, there are some risks because it is often in inserted downloads various malicious utility.

How to install

Do not have to use the themes offered by Microsoft. There is a possibility of usage of products of third-party sources. It is very important to install them correctly, because otherwise there might be a critical error.

In order to do this, the first thing you want to find any topic. They are in large numbers are on the Internet. Do not forget about the bitness of your system (32 or 64 bits). To view this option by clicking on the icon «my computer» and using the context menu.

Important! Do not download archives from untrusted resources. It is likely to receive a Trojan or virus.

Before installing create a restore point. If something goes wrong, you can all back.

Video: new design for Windows

Propatchen system files

  • download a set of topics. They are usually distributed in the form of three patches (each of them is responsible for a specific changeset);
  • be sure to run the patch as administrator. Click on the «OK» button. To do this you will need all three files;

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

  • after the last patch, you will need to restart the computer for the changes take effect;
  • then you will need to copy all the extracted files in the appropriate directory. She usually has such an address: the Name of the system hard drive: WindowsResourcesThemes». This should be done also with administrator rights;

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

Tip: by default, Windows hides access to system folders. So you’ll have to open it by clicking on the appropriate tab (most likely it will come out when you open the system of the Directive).

  • Now you will need to go to tab personalization (it can be found in the toolbar). In it, select the newly installed archive theme. If you did everything correct, then the appearance will change.

Change the Explorer items

It’s not all that can be done. There is the possibility to modify the elements of the conductor.

Do this as follows:

  • similarly, a downloadable set of files for changes on this element. With high probability, antivirus, ad blocker or firewall will not allow you to download the files. This is due to its extension;
  • therefore, in order to do this, you need to temporarily disable these tools. Again, you can do it only if you are 100 percent confident in this resource and specific files;
  • it is possible to use, for example, Navigation Buttons Easily is a combination of various themes. After downloading the files, you must unzip to any folder. Then run as administrator;

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

  • in the end, you will see a list of possible design options. Select your favorite and click on it. Click on the install button (if you use the above mentioned set of files, you will need to select Change Selected Bitmap). Its name may be different;
  • if you downloaded a simple archive, without the file extension .EXE or similar, you have to produce yourself. To do this, the unzipped files placed in the Resources folder. Confirm the replacement of files;
  • by rebooting the computer, you will see how different elements of the conductor;

Change the start button

Installation of most topics does not change the START button. This element is in the form of a ball with colored squares, many would like to modify. To do this you will need to use special software. Consider the example of Start Orb Changer.

Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

This utility is distributed free of charge. You can download it on the same resource. It works with all bit.

Important! When installing remove the extra tick, so as not to have unnecessary toolbars.

So, do the following:

  • download the archive and extract it anywhere;
  • then open with administrator rights the file with the EXE extension;
  • this will open the program interface. It is very simple, which makes working with him even for inexperienced users. Click on the arrow at the bottom;
  • a menu will appear with additional settings. On the right is a selection of options. 1 — change the start button by adding innovations in computer RAM, 2 — by replacing the system file WINDIR% explorer.exe. Lower points are responsible for the operation of the program;
  • select 1 or 2. If your computer has insufficient RAM, it is better to choose the second item. Also can tune, for example, if you select 6 checkboxes, the utility will always select the advanced settings;

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

  • now click on the button «Change» . This will open the path to the existing buttons (the default setting is 11). You can add more themes by downloading them online. You can also draw them yourself, for example, in Paint;
  • selecting the appropriate option, click «open». The result will restart the Explorer and replace the icon. If the selected subject did not like, you can click «Restore» and everything will return into place.

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

There may be cases when after such operation entirely disappear the desktop and task bar. This is due to the incompatibility of the files with a specific system.

To take it all back, do the following:

  • open task Manager;

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

  • it select the tab «file» then «New task»;
  • in the line that appears, type in explorer.EXE;
  • if this does not help, open a command prompt and enter SFC / SCANNOW. After a while, all system files will be restored;

How to install a standard theme for Windows 7

Sometimes users are too addicted to the modification of its operating system. It can lead to many problems: poor performance, viruses, loss of control over certain elements, etc. In the result, you need to return everything to default settings. Decisions may be several.

In the simplest case, do the following:

  • open the context menu on the desktop;
  • select personalize from the menu;
  • next, look for the button «apply default theme»;
  • click on it. The result of the adjustment will come to the original view.

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

The above method helps only in the case if you have not edited system files. In other situations, the fix will be a bit more complicated.

If you have created backup system restore point (it was mentioned in the beginning of the article), then everything will be as simple as possible.

  • run PC in safe mode with command prompt is enabled;
  • open a command prompt by typing in the search bar (in start menu) cmd;
  • in the input string rstrui.exe and press enter;

    Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

  • starts system restore. When the process completes, restart your computer;

If you have not shown the foresight, you will have to use another method. This will require a disk (or flash drive) with Windows. Insert it and select the item «system restore». Then follow the instructions.

Правильная установка темы на Windows 7

As a rule, the described techniques help in these situations. If they are powerless (so rarely), then there is but one solution – reinstall the operating system. In Windows seventh generation of this operation is straightforward, even for inexperienced users.

Well, that’s all, as you can see the edit interface in the OS Windowsне that difficult task. However, it should not be too hard to get involved. Many extensions can lead to slow performance of your computer. Therefore, it is best to use the proven files (built into the OS or downloaded from the official. of the site).

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