the Reasons for crashes-speed Internet through a router

By | 10.12.2018

The reasons why the Internet speed drop via the router

Let’s look at why dramatically decreases the speed of the Internet and how it can be increased. Unfortunately, this question no one can give a definite answer. The thing is that the speed of data transfer over the network is influenced by many factors.

All the causes can be divided into two groups: independent of and dependent on you. First you can fix by yourself, to solve the second – you should call a specialist. Let’s consider the main reasons because of which problems arise when using the Internet?

Причины, по которым падает скорость Интернета через роутер

Causes that depend on you

All of the factors you can affect and resolve them yourself, boil down to installing programs, their correct configuration, virus scanning and verification of the router.

Viruses, antivirus and firewalls

One of the most popular challenges is the penetration of the virus into the computer. There are many programs which can track your steps: transitions, enter passwords, read personal information, and so on. For this reason, the Internet speed may drop to zero if the virus is not removed, it can slow down the computer overall.

The algorithm for solving this problem:

  • anti-virus software;
  • scan your computer for threats;
  • all detected viruses are removed;
  • to configure the program to work constantly and didn’t allow the viruses to get into your computer.

Often the reason for slow loading of traffic from the network becomes the antivirus and its firewall.

Program and firewalls check the information as soon as it enters the computer. Of course, this adversely affects the speed of downloads and the system as a whole.

Причины, по которым падает скорость Интернета через роутер

For diagnosis you must:

  1. disable your antivirus program and any firewalls;
  2. a bit of a wait to all processes in exactly stopped;
  3. to check the speed of Internet download.

The result of the evaluation:

  • if the speed has not changed – to look for another cause;
  • if the speed is increased – upgrade or put a different antivirus.

Operating system

In some cases, Internet slows down operating system. Especially for owners of devices running different builds of operating systems, because in most cases they are of poor quality. Such a system will definitely affect the traffic speed of the network.

In this case, the computer should be equipped with a clean kind of operating system. Although it will be «a pretty penny», but installing the new OS – the best option.

Video: low speed of the Internet. Causes and diagnosis

Limitations of the router

Perhaps the router you are using is designed for high-speed data transfer (usually it is written on the box). If you have a wireless router, check its settings – it’s possible that your Internet with other people via Wi-Fi (vayfay), reducing you speed downloading and download pages.

In the first case, the network Troubleshooting is possible only through the purchase of new, more high-speed router. If your using the Internet neighbors put a password on wifi.

Network card

Regardless of the determined network card in the system or not, it may be faulty. Then the Internet starts to brake and slow to boot.

If you are a DSL user, you this information is unlikely to be useful. It often happens that the network card is connected, are determined by the system, but slows down the Internet speed.

To check you need to connect to another computer and already on it to measure the speed. If it fits your plan, then the reason for the network card.


  • for computer – you can just replace the card, buying a new;
  • laptop – buy an external USB card.

Still mode can be set to 10Mbps, Full Duplex:

  1. go to the settings of the network card;
  2. go to the Advanced tab;
  3. select the section Connection Type or Speed&Duplex.

This will provide you with a steady speed, but will not eliminate the cause, so definitely need to call a specialist.

Why fallen Internet speed through the router?

Sometimes it so happens that under the contract with the ISP speed should be one, but in reality it is much lower. The speed of the router affect, primarily, the number of existing access points to wifi. If they are too many, then the rate becomes much less.

Причины, по которым падает скорость Интернета через роутер

Consider the possible reasons for falling speed:

  • the provider has some restrictions on traffic.
  • a tariff plan may unexpectedly for the user to change;
  • overloaded network is more marked in the evening and night. To solve this problem one way is to restart the router. If the speed is low even during the day, call the operator;
  • the device requires flashing. Typically, the router starts to «fail», if used for a long period of time. Flashing devices often fixes all the problems with the Internet;
  • problems at the station. Call the operator to report a problem, leave a request and find out when will fix the problem;
  • problems with communication networks. In this case, the best solution is to call the company and inform about low speed of Internet. There you have to report, for whatever reason, dropped the transmission speed of the traffic. If such problems only you, the company must send a master who will resolve the problem;
  • the company started working on a new VPN Protocol. We’d have to change ISP, because this Protocol does not provide stability in the delivery of traffic. This means that the network speed will depend solely on the time of day. Moreover, as a rule, the number of access points to the network with this Protocol greatly exceeds the limits, which greatly affects the speed.

The reasons not dependent on you

Unfortunately, there are reasons that the Internet user can not do anything. Have only to wait when the problem will fix provider company. The following are the most common problems that affect Internet speed, but which cannot be solved independently.

Problems on the line

Weather outside (wind, snow, thunderstorms) may damage the cable traffic and cause a poor Internet speed, or lack of it completely.

In this case, we just have to wait when our specialists will fix the cable. For more accurate information, contact the company providers.

Причины, по которым падает скорость Интернета через роутер

To check the speed of your Internet connection:

  • go to command prompt;
  • click ping;
  • put in the string ping to the gateway, for example ping-t-l 1500 where the number of your gateway;
  • if the connection is indeed the problem, you will see «timed out for this request».

Influence of connection type

There are three types of connection to the Internet:

  • cable;
  • dial-up;
  • DSL.

It should be remembered that a cable connection will always be faster to transfer data over the network than the other two species. In addition, the quality of the telephone lines also affects the speed of the Internet. Depending on place of residence the speed of the network connection may differ significantly.

Причины, по которым падает скорость Интернета через роутер

External factors

Many people wonder why the evening falls the speed of the Internet, the answer is in the overloaded network, as more users watch movies and play games. This causes a speed reduction. If you face any problem in this time and day everything is fine, then likely this is your cause. Call the ISP and report the problem, you may strengthen the signal.

Test Internet speed

To check how fast is the Internet connection, you should:

  • to enter a search string «Test Internet speed»;
  • the first link is often suitable for the qualitative test speed;
  • on the dial seems accurate figure, which is file transfer speed MB/s.

Причины, по которым падает скорость Интернета через роутер

Recommendations to users

If you want to have uninterrupted access to the Internet, carefully read the following recommendations that will help to make the speed as fast as possible:

  • choose a secure browser, which will provide good processing speed of traffic. A good browser for the Internet is considered to be Google Chrome;
  • disable in-browser advertising. To display it takes a lot of traffic, because of this, pages loaded slower;
  • install a good program-antivirusnik. It will «intercept» all the viruses on the fly and destroy them. This will significantly increase the speed of data transmission over the network;
  • don’t forget to pay for Internet, otherwise the provider will be denied network access at all.

To solve the problem with a slow connection it is possible, for this only necessary to identify the existing problem and find ways of solving it. In this case, the Internet again will delight the speed and new features!

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