the Process of removing the keyboard from the laptop with your hands

By | 10.12.2018

The process of removing the keyboard from the laptop with their hands

As with all computer equipment, laptops care and good cooling. This applies particularly to devices with a plastic housing and a passive cooling system the GPU and the CPU.

If you do not monitor the temperature of your device, sooner or later it will lead to critical consequences such as breakage or complete failure. In addition, computer keyboards of all kinds are often subjected to tests from the various beverages, such as coffee, tea, juice or beer.

And they accumulate dust, get the crumbs and hair. All this not only hinders ventilation and disrupts heat transfer, but also leads to breakage and «stuck» keys.

Why rent

Anyone who has ever tried to clean a laptop keyboard yourself, understands that this is not as easy as with a personal computer. Due to the small size of the device and save space, but also because of the different types of mounting can cause problems.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

To remove the keyboard from the laptop, to disassemble the device completely and disconnect the ribbon cable from the screen may be necessary in cases where it is necessary to perform one of the operations:

  • the solution to the problems of high temperature, comprising:
  1. disassemble the laptop to blow out the cooling radiator;
  2. clean the fan from dust, hair and debris;
  3. change thermal paste, which promotes better heat dissipation of the CPU and heatsink;
  4. check whether the oil for lubricating the bearings of the fan;
  • repair or replacement of the damaged element of the system configuration;
  • solving problems with the keyboard such as:
  1. cleaning the keyboard from spills, dust, debris and hair;
  2. inspection, replacement or repair of the damaged circuit Board or buttons.

Types of fasteners of the keyboard

There are two types of fixing the keyboard in the office:

  • modern keyboards of netbooks and laptops are attached to the panels with plastic latches. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the device mounts can be from 4 to 8. In order to see them, you need to very carefully look at as they are well hidden in order not to violate the design and appearance of the device, and not to interfere with the user. Fastening, as a rule, marked with small pits. This type of fixing the keyboard in the device is the most common complicated;
  • less known, but more easily removable, the keyboard is fixed with screws. It concerns mainly old and rare models.

As a rule, for fixing use 1-2 screws. After loosening them just enough to hook the keyboard panel with a sharp object.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

The procedure

If you spill liquid on the keyboard, it is recommended to switch off the device to prevent leakage to the motherboard and other live parts.

De-energized laptop, do not forget that the Foundation of its uninterrupted supply is a battery, so it is necessary to get. Then you can begin researching the types of fastening and other operations.

To remove the keyboard from the laptop with their hands will succeed. The important thing is to be extremely cautious. Mounts are very fragile and break easily. To begin, you will need a pair and a thin small end screwdriver.

If you have a common type of fastening you need to do the following:

  • 1. you need to start with the tabs in the upper right corner. Need without making a special effort to put pressure on it with a screwdriver;

    Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

  • 2. an ideal tool to gently pry the corner of the keyboard;

    Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

  • after that, you can move on to the next bracket, and so on.

    Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

Opening the first latch, hold one second with a screwdriver or other small object. Do not use your fingers and hurry, because plastic devices are not very thick and can easily crack.

Disable the train

Unplugging the keyboard, do not forget that it is connected. To pull or not pull. It connects with the motherboard using a ribbon cable, damage which is very easy. Therefore, it should be done carefully and correctly.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

The train is right under the keyboard and is attached thereto by means of a special lock. These clips can be of different types and demand to detach actions such as clamping lugs, the lifting attachment or lifting spring latch.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

If your goal was to replace the keyboard as the device, the work has been completed.

If you need a cleaning

If the laptop for a long time is opened, it can gather dust. In the process, the keyboard gets a lot of hair, garbage and crumbs from food. If you need cleanup of such garbage, it is easy to do with their hands, carefully vacuum device.

While it is important to note that it is best to use a specialized vacuum cleaner with professional tools and brushes if you have to use ordinary, you can’t use high power.

The laptop does not connect to wifi says limited access. What to do, read on.

Keyboard the primary device for data entry. Most users like to drink tea or coffee, sitting at a computer or laptop, without interrupting work or entertainment. As a result, she’s suffering from damage of various liquids.

In this case, without disassembly of the device is not necessary. Must be dried and thoroughly wash the keyboard, otherwise it will lead to «sticking» keys or complete failure of the device.

Video: remove the keyboard from the laptop


For the works connected with cleaning of the keyboard and its withdrawal, may need:

  • thin screwdriver;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • brush;
  • the lint-free cloth;
  • q-tip;
  • floss;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • special screwdriver or attachment for it for removing keys (can be replaced with a bent paper clip or awl).

The process of removing keys from laptop keyboard

Careless or rough use, the retention mechanism, the keys can break. To fix it, you need to remove the key from the laptop keyboard. In addition, you may want to remove buttons in case of discrepancy between layouts or when you want to wash or replace them.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

There are two types of fasteners keys to the keyboard:

  1. using two antennae-latches;
  2. rocker clamps with hinge.

In order to remove the key, you need to pry with a screwdriver or with a fine curved tip or a bent paper clip, you can also use the crochet hook.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

The lower part of the button must be firmly fixed in place with a finger under the top and gently poke the tool that you decide to use, there are holding the antennae, also the button can be pulled up and slightly to the side.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

The button can be detached together with the rocker that holds her. It’s not terrible. After performing the necessary actions to repair or clean the retainer can be restored to the place.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

For mounting, generally used three ears. If they are slightly raised and bent, they can be aligned with a screwdriver. Next you need to insert a button simultaneously, and on top already to put the button cap by inserting into the slots.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

If the attachment is by snaps, button is removed even easier. It just needs to pull up.

Remove the space

Wide and large keys such as the spacebar, «Shift», «Enter» removed a little differently and often cause problems because of this. In order to avoid distortions of large keys, use special metal clips and plastic leading distributing the pressing force. All large buttons are clamped by the two latches.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

In order to remove the «space», consider the length of the button:

  • slightly lift and bend its upper part with a single screwdriver;
  • and the second at this time to otselot top ring, locking button;
  • repeat the same steps with the bottom bracket.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

After the button atwelcome top and bottom, you can slowly begin to lift it, making sure that she usercols.

Installation after cleaning

When all buttons are removed, they can be washed in a mild soap solution or use a special liquid. Panel if necessary, wipe with wet cotton or cloth, cleaning inaccessible places with a needle or toothpick. You can use alcohol. After cleaning it should be ready to install buttons in place of the: usual small key just to wear, gently pushing and waiting for a light click.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

But the gap is installed in three stages:

  • you need to install in the grooves on the panel, the stiffener of a button;
  • press lower portion of the key and connect it to lift;
  • snap button in the grooves.

Процесс снятия клавиатуры с ноутбука своими руками

If your device had a problem and you spilled a drink on him or just want to clean up littered the keyboard yourself, do not rush to contact the service center and pay a lot of money.

To remove the keyboard from the notebook and to clean it, replace the jammed key or broken mount can at home and without specialized tools.

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