the password reset Disk in Windows 7

By | 10.12.2018

The password reset disk in Windows 7

Using the password reset disk, you will be able at any time to reset Your password in Windows.

How to create a password reset disk

To create a password reset disk You need a blank, formatted floppy disk.

1. Insert the floppy disk into the drive.

2. Go to control panel. For this, go to START -> CONTROL PANEL:

3. After opening the CONTROL PANEL, click user Accounts and select your Account. Then in the right window click in the box create a password reset disk:

4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to create the floppy.

5. Stick the sticker on the diskette labeled and store in a safe place.

If You have changed your password, You must re-create a password reset disk.

If so happened that You forgot the password to log in to Windows and You don’t have a reset disk password in the Internet there are other programs for password reset such as Reset Windows Password. This program can be downloaded from USB, CD or floppy disk.

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