the Owners of Xiaomi Mi 4 will be able to upgrade to Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

The owners of Xiaomi Mi 4 will be able to upgrade to Windows 10

Conference in Shenzhen, China, came the news that Microsoft is developing a firmware (ROM) for individual users of Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone (running Android), which will allow them to install on their devices preview version of Windows 10. This is another way for Microsoft to push Android users to «move» in the Windows camp.

According to the information, ROM from Microsoft acts like a custom firmware Cyanogen. After installation, users will not be able to use Android, but will have Windows 10, apps from Microsoft and everything else. Here is what Microsoft itself:

In the program Windows Insider, Microsoft will cooperate with Xiaomi to offer Windows 10, the select group of owners Mi4. They will be able to install on their smartphones our latest operating system, to share with us their impressions of the Xiaomi. So we get information from users directly and will be able to improve the quality of services in China. We at Microsoft are excited to see what Xiaomi took Windows 10 to offer this great experience to your users. We look forward to their feedback.

Владельцы Xiaomi Mi 4 смогут перейти на Windows 10

It is noteworthy that Xiaomi themselves claim that this initiative could not be viewed as a partnership between the two companies. The Chinese manufacturer will simply provide their clients with another firmware and nothing more.


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