the Official release of the new dashboard for Xbox One

By | 10.12.2018

Official release of the new dashboard for Xbox One

Официальный релиз новой приборной панели для Xbox One

Today at 11:01 am GMT Microsoft began the global spread of the new dashboard for Xbox One. Update New Xbox Experience (NXOE) is already available to members of the insider program, and all the rest of the console it will arrive today during the day.

The update is a big milestone in part because with him operating a gaming console finally departs from the concept of Windows 8 and jumps to Windows 10. After installation NXOE version software Xbox One gets ID 10.0.10586.1006 (th2_xbox_rel_1510.151107-2322). Recall that in the near future computer users with Windows 10 will also receive a major update which will have the same build number (10586). Users of Windows 10 Mobile too, may soon get a new Assembly 10586, so the OS version on all devices, as expected, will be aligned.

Developing a new dashboard for the Xbox One, Microsoft has sought to make interaction with the gaming console more convenient and quick. The company has improved the notification system and decided to move away from the interface based on tiles, and now the dashboard in appearance very much like the Xbox One app for Windows 10.

One of the most interesting innovations NXOE is to support backward compatibility of your Xbox 360 games. This feature will be activated later today, but for now you can see a list of the first 100 games that will be available in the framework of backward compatibility.

As with any other upgrade, on a full deployment NXOE will take some time.

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