the Official Disqus app for Windows Phone

By | 09.12.2018

The official Disqus app for Windows Phone

All bloggers and most of their readers must be familiar with a surprisingly useful platform Disqus, which has become almost ubiquitous for commenting on the blogs. This service is great for site owners who need a simple way to control the discussion on their sites, and for readers who don’t want to create a new account for each site that they monitor and comment.

Официальное приложение Disqus для Windows Phone

Most major commenting systems already have their own app for mobile platforms, but Disqus this is not in a hurry, but the rumors about the official client was already long enough. Sure, no one expected that the first this app will get Windows Phone users, but it’s true. The app is already available in the WP Store and works surprisingly well. With it, you will receive a Push notification on the live tile channel with the contents of the messages from those whom you follow and, of course, a full-featured panel for moderators.

After logging in to your account, you will be redirected to the page «Bar». In addition to all the major sections in the client Disqus for Windows Phone is the «Fullness» that depicts the regularity with which you use the app. Through the app you can do almost everything that is available in the web version of the service. The settings menu allows you to enable or disable notifications. There you can edit your profile and specify the number of comments displayed on one page.

Официальное приложение Disqus для Windows Phone

If you want to use Disqus to view discussions related to your interests page «In the know» is perfect for you. Here you will find popular topics for discussion that are divided into categories. Each category is designed in the form of colorful tiles. Provided and a button to search that can help you to find a specific topic that is not in the default list.

Disqus for Windows Phone enables easy switching between all sites that you moderate comments. All these sites will be displayed on the page «Moderation». When managing discussions, you will be able to sort comments based on their current status (pending, approved, deleted, etc.). Clicking on any comment, you will get access to advanced options, depending on your privilege level.

Disqus app works on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. In the current version of lame location, but everything else was good and no problems I noticed. You can download the app from the link below.

Disqus for Windows Phone

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