the Official app Instagram for Windows Phone 8

By | 09.12.2018

The official app Instagram for Windows Phone 8

Instagram needs no introduction – a popular app for sharing photos and short videos has made a name for itself thanks to iOS and Android. Operating system Windows Phone 8, however, for a long time was limited to third-party (many of which are truly wonderful app) clients to work with Instagram, including Itsdagram, Hipstamatic Oggl, and 6tag. But with the growing popularity of operating system, Instagram finally «landed» in the app store – officially, but so far only in beta version.

By itself, the word «BETA» in the title implies that the application is still not ready, but performs its primary function, namely, allows you to impose various photo filters (and their subsequent publication in social networks), through which the service and became famous. Of course, the developers promise to improve the app in future versions and bring it back to normal. In General, do it the way it is available on iOS and Android.

Unlike many other applications for Windows Phone, which completely deviated from his own vision of design and strive to meet the requirements of the user interface Modern UI, in the official app Instagram for Windows Phone 8 developers prefer to keep their design language and successfully mixed it with elements of Modern UI. As a result, Instagram for WP8 is not much different from their versions for other platforms.

Официальное приложение Instagram для Windows Phone 8

After logging in to your account (or after registration) the user is presented with the main interface of the application. At the top of the screen are buttons to navigate to with downloads from users on which you signed; in the section with popular posts section with user activity in your own profile. The buttons at the bottom of the necessary to search any specific user, channel updates, or to create a new photo.

Официальное приложение Instagram для Windows Phone 8

Section of user activity allows you to see the ‘likes’ and comments to your photos, and watch new subscribers. In the section «Profile» you can edit your account to see all the uploaded photos of all of its subscribers. In the same way you can browse the profiles of other users of the service.

At this stage, the app lacks features for recording and publishing the video. In addition, you cannot take pictures inside the app and instead start the standard camera app. In General, now Instagram for WP8 is very «clipped», but it’s a good start, which is proof that big name developers are finally starting to admit that Windows Phone is the third major player in the arena of smartphones.

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