the Microsoft: Windows tablets for $99 and laptops at $199 will appear this autumn

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft: Windows tablets for $99 and laptops at $199 will appear this fall

The most important advantage of laptops with Chrome OS – its price. They can be bought much cheaper compared to similar models running Windows. Thus, increasingly, the growing popularity of chromebooks are forcing Microsoft to change its strategy to continue to successfully compete and dominate in the industry, and also to saturate the market with affordable Windows devices.

Chief operating officer of the company, Kevin Turner, said yesterday during a speech at the partners conference in Washington that the end of the year, during the holiday season, we will see the premiere of the new generation of budget laptops with Windows.

Tech giant HP is already developing a similar model, codenamed Stream, which will cost $ 199. Acer will also intensify competition in the lower price segment with the launch 15.6-inch laptop ЕЅ1 ($249), which will offer an Intel Celeron processor with a frequency of 2.16 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 500 GB of internal memory. Toshiba is another company that will use a new strategy of Microsoft with the introduction of ultra-light and thin laptop ($249), which will be equipped with 11.6-inch display and SSD 32 GB.

Microsoft: планшеты с Windows за $99 и ноутбуки за $199 появятся этой осенью

Turner also announced plans to launch the tablet for $ 99. Cheap Windows 8.1 devices will probably be made by Microsoft partners from China, and obviously to compete with Android devices that continue to capture the market. However, time will tell whether consumers to buy cheap Chinese tablets with Windows, not with Android.

It is expected that other major brands will follow the example of these manufacturers. Thus, users will be extremely diverse choices accessible and attractive laptop at the end of this year.

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