the Microsoft: Windows-only on 14% of devices. Need to rethink business

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft: Windows only 14% of devices. Need to rethink business

We know that Windows is conveniently located in approximately 90% of personal computers – a number that sounds more than good. The problem is that computers lose their positions, and the leader these days are on mobile, where Android has a serious presence. For this reason, the number 90 is not very accurate in the current market situation – is no longer enough to be a leader in the segment of PC.

However, Microsoft has announced a more accurate number, according to them, the Windows operating system can be found on only 14% of devices in the world, reports Phone Arena. This was announced by Kevin Turner, chief operating officer of Microsoft Corporation.

According to him, the software giant and its partners should take the «thinking opponent», as the world has changed, and Windows is no longer the dominant platform.

The truth is that the world has changed, evolved. Now we compare ourselves with the total space of the devices. The first time we have such a high potential for the development of our business, but it is very important to rethink how you look at it.

Apparently, the company continues to be convinced that she can change the situation and become the leader in the overall market. To do this, Microsoft is planning with the new version (Windows 9 or Threshold), and also by merging Windows Phone and RT. The second will facilitate the establishment of a unified application.

Turner agrees that it will be a slow process but hopes that it will be permanent and stable. For this purpose, the company will try to maximally differentiate their products from competitors ‘ offers.

Do you think Microsoft has enough strength to become the leader of the awarding of software on the entire tech market?

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