the Microsoft Edge: the browser will not support Silverlight

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Edge: the browser will not support Silverlight

Microsoft «burn bridges» with the past: Edge, a new browser in Windows 10 will not support several features that are part of the notorious Internet Explorer, and they include support for plugins based on ActiveX. As a result the Edge will not support the Silverlight technology, which was created by Microsoft as an alternative to Flash from Adobe.

A desire to support the spread of HTML5 is one of the reasons that led to the decision to stop supporting Silverlight. However, Microsoft will continue to support this technology, so that applications based on it can continue to use it further. At the same time, sites that rely on Silverlight will be displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 11, which, as already noted, will be available in Windows 10 as a secondary browser just for compatibility with all sites.

However, since Internet Explorer is «the past», Microsoft Edge is the future, Microsoft is urging companies that use Silverlight for the media to begin the transition to project-based DASH/MSE/CENC/EME.

In other words, Microsoft almost openly speak about the intention to reduce the role of Silverlight in favor of supporting a common standard (CENC) for multimedia playback on the Internet.

Silverlight was introduced in 2007, and the last major release was released in 2011. Many sites have already made the switch to HTML5, and the other must do so in the near future, especially in light of the position taken by Microsoft.


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