the Microsoft Edge: say goodbye to ActiveX and VBScript

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Edge: say goodbye to ActiveX and VBScript

Microsoft has announced that a significant number of outdated technologies and features IE will not be supported by the recently announced modern web browser Microsoft Edge. On his blog, Microsoft told in detail what technologies, features and components of the engine will not be part of the new Edge.

Edge will not support a number of deprecated functions that, according to the company, increase browser compatibility with other modern browsers, and will improve the performance, safety and reliability and reduce the complexity of the code. More than 220,000 lines of code, MSHTML was removed from Microsoft EdgeHTML.

Here are some of the technologies and interfaces that are not supported by Microsoft Edge:

  • ActiveX – need for ActiveX controls has declined significantly in the era of HTML5
  • Browser Helper Objects (BHO) – will be replaced by an extension based on HTML/javascript
  • Document modes – to be replaced with a single «live» mode, compatibility tests are performed using a switch in about:flags
  • The vector markup language (VML) is a 2D vector graphics is supported using scalable vector graphics (SVG) instead of VML
  • VBScript – web javascript standard ECMAScript 6 will replace VBScript
  • Filters and transitions DirectX – like effects can be achieved using features based on standards in the CSS3 and SVG

Along with this was removed and various APIs. However, the removal of APIs does not necessarily mean the removal of the browser capabilities, on the contrary, the rejection of these APIs leads to a significant improvement of the user experience in Microsoft Edge. All the information about changes at the Edge can be found in the Windows blog.

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