the Microsoft Build 2016: where to look and what to expect

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Build 2016: where to look and what to expect

Microsoft Build 2016: где посмотреть и чего ждать

Today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco will begin the annual Build conference. In the course of it, as every spring, Microsoft will share future plans for the software development. Unlike last year, when the attention was almost entirely devoted to Windows 10 at this time, the performance promises to be more diverse.

The main goal of Build – to lure more developers in the Microsoft ecosystem, but this is not to say that the company will not show anything that could be of interest to ordinary users.

The event will start at 18:30 Moscow time (you can see it here). This year’s live webcast will be officially conducted in Russian. About key announcements, I will tell on pages of the website.

But what surprises can we expect from Microsoft at Build 2016:

Windows 10

The company constantly updates the Windows 10 operating system, making it better and better. This year at Build, is expected to announce brand new features. Most obviously, changes will get live tiles and notifications, suggests that the very program of the conference. New tiles will be interactive and therefore more useful.

Microsoft Build 2016: где посмотреть и чего ждать

Another important area for Microsoft is developing its voice assistant, which is still playing catch-up role. Today, the company can tell you about upcoming updates for Cortana to be able to announce the support of new languages.

Finally, other news from the Build will be associated with applications. Last week it became clear that the company is preparing a universal Skype app for Windows 10, such a large-scale conference like the Build is the perfect place to officially introduce other long-awaited apps, including universal client OneDrive for Windows 10.

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Build 2016: где посмотреть и чего ждать

At the end of last year, Microsoft released the Lumia 950 and 950XL, but it didn’t help sales of the series. Perhaps this is the reason why the company decided to significantly reduce the production of new models this year.

The prospects of Windows 10 Mobile vague, so it is not clear that the software giant plans to do. It seems that now companies are more interested in application development for iOS and Android (Outlook, Sunrise and Wunderlist, for example), but to attract developers to its mobile operating system of Microsoft just have to tell you something really interesting.

Xbox One

Since the launch of its new gaming console, Microsoft whispers of applications. Now is the time to tell something more concrete, so that the Build is expected detailed information about the company’s plans regarding the development of multiplatform games and applications for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Another important news we can hear is the opening of Xbox Live for cross-platform multiplayer with the PlayStation. Of course, all this can be reserved for conferences of E3, but considering that Xbox is no longer just a game product, there’s a chance that some interesting news will this week.


Microsoft Build 2016: где посмотреть и чего ждать

This week Microsoft launched the first delivery version of HoloLens to developers. This means that the consumer version is even closer, and the Build is likely we will see a demonstration of some of the new apps and games.

Cloud, Office, and surprise

Cloud platform Azure is very important to Microsoft, so special attention will be paid to her. The company will tell about the latest improvements in the platform and how customers can use them to facilitate their work and to ensure faster growth of their business.

As for Office and General applications for productivity, the company will focus on how Microsoft software helps increase the work efficiency. In addition, we need to know more about the integration of Sunrise into Outlook, and Microsoft plans on Wunderlist and SwiftKey.

In the end we may be in for a surprise. Rumor has it that this year they will be some new features for Windows 10, but now we can only speculate.

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