the Microsoft: Bing loss-making days behind us

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft: Bing loss-making days behind us

Windows Phone and Windows 8 are not the only products for which they love to criticize Microsoft. Often, one of the reasons for criticism of the company choose Bing. Over the past few years in the Internet search engine has been invested as much money as we never dreamed of, and the money was spent mainly on building infrastructure data centers for him.

Last year, Bing and associated online services cost Microsoft about a billion dollars. This is hardly a mere trifle, even for a rich company like Microsoft. As reported, the financial loss was the result of 6 years of development and investment cycle, and not a consequence of lack of income.

Anyway, the CFO of Microsoft, Dave O’hara, has confirmed that large-scale development of infrastructure and algorithms to Bing was completed, and the investment days are over, so now Bing will start working at full capacity, returning the invested funds.

Now Bing is more than just web search system. Bing is integrated into various platforms (Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 RT, and Windows Phone), services and devices, but the success of such a strategy are not yet available.

: ZDNet

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