the iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: choice in large format

By | 10.12.2018

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: selection in large format

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

What would be the best replacement for a laptop: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro from Apple?

In the world of technology the balance of power is changing faster than anywhere else. But even in this field, where progress and innovation define everything, some things remain constant. The main one is the eternal, enduring as ever. Microsoft and Apple – two of these veterans of technogarden, and their confrontation with time is increasingly reminiscent of the film «the Duelists» by Ridley Scott, where each of the opponents long after the fight cools down and loses interest in the enemy, but then returned again and again to the duel.

Microsoft and Apple consistently clung to each other’s throats ever since the start of the rivalry between PC and Mac (and recently too, you remember is «I’m a PC, I’m a Mac»?). And, let’s be honest, for a long time, Apple has left Microsoft far behind in regard to mobile devices the principal fighting in this field, the company led against Google Android. With to market Windows 10, the situation changed. Now Microsoft is back on the scene with a new flagship product and a couple of aces in the sleeve.

As if the 80s has not ended. Just at this time, Microsoft and Apple are waging a battle on a new front, the tablet market is for advanced users. Both companies have released top-end device in this category. For Apple этоiPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 4. In addition to implementing the functions of the tablet, novelties pretend to be the main and only device from the user – you have such a device eliminates the need for additional laptop or desktop PC.

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

That’s what they say about an iPad Pro in the detailed review published on the website Alphr:

It is expensive: add everything you need, and you will receive more than $1,000 for the tablet, stylus, Pencil, and Smart keyboard. But despite this, the iPad Pro is not a bad product, because for this price you get a fast and functional laptop, running iOS and a tablet with excellent display and sound.

the iPad Pro is a significant transition point: it ends all debate on the topic «iPads for entertainment only». The only one who can not use the iPad Pro as a tool for creativity, are those, who need ultra-high performance platform: professional graphic designers, experts in video processing on an industrial scale. In short, those for whom the usual 16 GB of RAM and those who think to raise the configuration is much, much higher.

Most of the users do not belong to this category and creative capabilities of the iPad Pro will be more than enough. And for some – including a stylus – such opportunities will be significantly higher than on a normal PC or laptop.

In turn, the tablet Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is much easier to cope with such demands. He is running a full desktop OS in the face of Windows 10, while the iPad Pro – even in spite of the prefix Pro – uses the mobile iOS 9. Both devices support a keyboard and use the stylus, but the vision of the producers here varies greatly. While the Surface is more reminiscent of PC for «the world post-PC» iPad Pro aimed at transferring best user experience with your tablet in a professional environment. Apple wants you to edit your video and images iPad Pro, and he expresses clear disagreement with the approach implemented in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Tim cook even made on TV, utterly breaking the Surface Pro 4 and Microsoft accusing that she’s trying TOO hard… whatever that meant. Sounds a bit strange, considering that Apple borrowed not one, not two, but three key features of the Microsoft Surface tablet and its software shell Windows keyboard, tablet and split screen in Windows. Perhaps Mr. cook is not so sure in your big iPad.

How this bravado will stand the test of life? And as two of the top hybrid tablet will show itself when comparing? Let’s see.

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Design and specification

It is worth to specify that the author is a big fan of Apple and believes the iPhone and Mac, one of the best candidates for purchase in digital gadgets. So, a cursory inspection of the spec makes it clear that the Surface Pro 4 will easily pass the iPad Pro as part of the characteristics, especially if your goal is a hybrid device that eliminates the need to carry a separate laptop.

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

The biggest advantage lies in the fact that the Surface Pro 4 comes in more varieties than iPad Pro. The last options are only three: one 32-Gigabyte model and two 128-Gigabyte (4G). All three versions have 4GB RAM and the same processor A9X (though he, apparently, needs to be incredibly fast).

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

On the other hand, the Surface Pro 4 offers three options in terms of processor (a relatively weak Intel Skylake M3 Core, more powerful Core i5 and the top version with Core i7). Also, in the Surface there are much more options storage device with an impressive capacity: 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. What to RAM? You have options of 4 GB, 8 GB or just a crazy 16GB.

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

The Surface Pro also gives access to much greater number of ports, including full-size USB 3.0 and microSD card slot. The disadvantage here is one – in Surface not provided mobile connection. Yes, even in this version by selecting 4G has not appeared. But still that is no reason to abandon the purchase. Chromebook the author also has this option and feels great.

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

As for the camera, both tablets are equipped with 8-megapixel main cameras, but the Surface Pro in addition offers a front camera at 5 MP, while the iPad Pro will have to settle for 1.2 MP. Also, preference in the overall design of the device is to give the Surface Pro. It is visually more like a tool for solving work tasks. That’s iPad Pro, not a surprise, but it looks like a… big iPad.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Apple iPad Pro


the diagonal of 12.3 inches, the resolution is 2736 x 1824 pixels, the density is 267 pixels per inch

the diagonal of 12.9 inches, a resolution of 2732×2048 pixels, a density of 264 dots per inch

The storage device

128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB

32 and 128 GB


Intel Skylake Core M3 Core i5 or Core i7

64-bit A9X, coprocessor M9


4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB

4 GB


Windows 10 Pro

iOS 9


the main 8 MP, front 5 MP

the main 8 megapixel 1080p HD camera and front 1.2 MP 720p HD camera


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, microSD

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, optional 4G


292 mm x 201 mm x 8.45 mm

305 mm x 220 mm x 7 mm


786 g

710 g

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Display

The display iPad Pro has a slightly larger size of 12.9 inches compared to 12.3 inches in the Surface Pro.

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

Both screens have similar pixel density value of, 264 and 267 dots per inch, respectively. The screen resolution of iPad Pro to 2732×2048 slightly larger than the Surface Pro, which the figure is 2736 x 1824.

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

Not too big a difference, giving any excuse for marketers to say that the Surface wins in portability, while the iPad Pro has a large clear screen, ideal for presentations. In a word, wherever I start it, it will turn.

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Operating system

This is another component that – if you, of course, continue to compare the lines of «I don’t need a laptop» – the Surface Pro wins. Just because it is running Windows 10 fully desktop OS, with annexes.

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

Mobile operating system iPad Pro in face of iOS 9, although it has a lot of great apps still can not be compared with desktop OS like Windows 10 or OS X on the Mac.

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Support accessories

Again, considering these two devices as an alternative to the laptop, the preference is easy to give Surface Pro. The tablet supports an incredible amount of accessories, while the iPad Pro works only with two stylus Apple Pencil and Smart keyboard (both as a paid option), that’s all.

«Apple Pencil tip is equipped with two sensors that allow the iPad Pro to determine the angle of the pen stylus and orientation relative to the display. the iPad Pro has a built-in digitizer, which determines the distance from each sensor to the screen,» – writes the resource Mac Rumors. «In the case of Apple Pencil stylus is built in a small lithium-ion battery with a capacity 0,329 W*h, or approximately 5% of the battery capacity of the iPhone 6s. The battery is located near a cylindrical antenna black and gold. Also there is a ribbon cable that connects the battery Apple Pencil with the Lightning connector, which is used to charge the stylus».

As for the specs of the stylus, the review States the following: «On the other side of the battery is a small motherboard Apple Pencil and weighing only 1 g, which, despite its diminutive size, contains more than 5 components, including low-powered microcontroller ST Microelectronics Cortex-M3 based on a 32-bit ARM-processor and also Qualcomm Bluetooth 4.1 chip from Cambridge Silicon Radio».

iPad Pro против Microsoft Surface Pro 4: выбор в большом формате

Microsoft Surface Pro includes a stylus in the package, and the keyboard cover is offered as an option. The latter also includes a glass trackpad that you can use a Surface in the usual way, like laptop. Surface Pro also supports mouse ports (use USB port or Bluetooth).

iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Price and conclusion

As a replacement to a laptop or desktop PC the Surface Pro 4 utterly breaks iPad Pro. This is a real laptop replacement, running a desktop-class OS and applications, as well as offering a significant range of accessories and ports.

On the other hand, by choosing the Surface Pro 4 is the iPad Pro, you will receive an additional burden on your wallet. The cost of the iPad Pro is $799 for a model of 32 GB Wi-Fi $949 for the 128 GB Wi-Fi, and $1079 for the 128GB model Wi-Fi + 4G. Price does not include stylus and keyboard. Adding them, get some basic cost over $1000 per set.

The cost of Surface Pro ranges from $899 for a relatively slow entry-level model (128 GB, Intel Core m3, 4 GB RAM) to immodest $2199 for them quite worthy of the top model (512 GB, Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM). Of course, for the money, better Surface would immediately become a top-end tablet, and a better alternative to the laptop.

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